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If you love them - WARN them

Alex Jones's new documentary on how our governments (specifically the US, UK, and Israel) routinely stage false flag operations even on their own citizens in order to drum up support for their greedy imperial wars is now available online for free viewing so it can reach the WIDEST possible audience BEFORE they DO IT AGAIN.

Time is of the essence, bloggers - get it out to as many people as humanly possible.

And remember, HISTORY is a RACE between education and destruction, where destruction has a HUGE headstart!

So, let's get cracking!

Please, thank Alex by supporting him


At Thursday, September 21, 2006, Blogger drac said...

GOt a direct link to the video? I want to download it to my HD with keepvid.com

At Thursday, September 21, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

You mean this?

At Friday, September 22, 2006, Blogger NMC said...

Oh, I love that video! Some of the stuff documented, (U.S.S. Liberty, 7/7/05) is so shocking.

At Friday, September 22, 2006, Blogger The Great Revealer said...

It seems another "Arab" country is joining the nuclear foray. Iran won't be alone now. I wonder how the Zionist States, I mean the United States will respond?!


Mubarak: Egypt Will Develop Nuclear Energy

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said here on Thursday evening that Egypt will continue its scientific research to develop peaceful nuclear technology regardless of its high cost.

Developing nuclear energy program was for the future of the country and the Egyptians, said Mubarak at the closing session of a three-day fourth annual conference of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP).

"We must augment our benefit from the sources of new and renewable energy including the peaceful use of nuclear energy," said Mubarak, whose country started very limited nuclear technological research in 1957.

He called for holding a serious dialogue that takes into consideration what the clean and cheap sources provided by nuclear technology, "especially as we do not start from zero, we have the knowledge of this technology that allows us to proceed from there."

"Whichever way this dialogue ends, we will proceed with it simple mentation without hesitation, prompted by a conviction that the future of energy is a key element in building the future of the nation and that the issues of energy are part and parcel of the ruling system of Egypt's national security," he added.

Mubarak's remarks came after Gamal Mubarak, his son who was also NDP's powerful Assistant Secretary General and Policies Secretary, repeatedly called on Egypt to develop peaceful nuclear technology since the beginning of the NDP conference.

Gamal Mubarak said that international agreements allowed signatories, if they were willing to, the right to possess peaceful nuclear energy and Egypt has signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Gamal, 42, said the NDP considered energy as a pillar of development, adding that the issue of peaceful nuclear energy has been under discussion for a year.

Gamal said that President Mubarak has asked for drawing up a working paper on energy, which was materialized in the working paper drafted by the party.

Mubarak and his son's remarks came against a backdrop of regional tensions owing to the nuclear dispute between Tehran and Washington, which alleged Iran of trying to develop military nuclear program under the disguise of peaceful nuclear activities.

But US ambassador to Egypt Francis Ricciardone told local television earlier in the day in an interview that the US would be fine with Egypt's hope to develop nuclear program. The US could even cooperate with Egypt if it decided to develop nuclear energy, Ricciardone said.

Also in his speech, Mubarak, 78, said that the Middle East region was witnessing attempts to impose a new regional reality, in a reference to US policies to remake the Middle East. "Latest developments have highlighted the dangerous situation in our region," he said, citing the Israeli aggression on Lebanon, the deteriorating situation in the Palestinian lands and the developments in Iraq, Darfur and the Horn of Africa region.

"The failure and stalemate of the peace process is the core of the Mideast problems," Mubarak said, calling on the international powers to admit this fact and to seriously and fairly deal with the issue.

Any talk about a greater or new Middle East ignores this reality, and any talk about war on terror must be linked to talk on the causes and roots of terror, Mubarak said, vowing to pursue efforts to achieve peace and stability in the region.

"We will defend our vision for the future of the region... and will not allow any attempts to tarnish our Arab identity," said Mubarak, who has ruled the most populous Arab nation since 1981.

(Xinhua News Agency September 22, 2006)

At Friday, September 22, 2006, Blogger The Great Revealer said...

NMC said...

Oh, I love that video! Some of the stuff documented, (U.S.S. Liberty, 7/7/05) is so shocking.

Fri Sep 22, 12:07:16 AM EDT

>>>>>>>>>>>> Let's not forget the biggest and most recent FALSE FLAG event that is kicking off WWIII ---- 9/11 by the MOSSAD agents.

At Friday, September 22, 2006, Blogger shirtees.net said...

none of the video capture sites or firefox extensions work for me. did google change something so people cant download them? anyone know of another site or program i can use? keepvid.com didnt work either. thanks!

At Wednesday, October 04, 2006, Blogger Adam from the Planet said...

Terror Storm is pretty good but Jones' reporting of the U.S.S. Liberty incident is terrible.

Having researched the subject a bit, it seems that most of the survivors agree that the attack was not a U.S. false flag "to take over the whole Middle East" as Jones says, but rather an Israeli false flag to cover up the war crimes in Egypt that the Liberty would have exposed.

Jones' quote about how the President said "I want that goddamned ship going to the bottom" is unsubstantiated but if you read the testimony of the survivors they all believe that it was an Israeli false flag and Johnson went along with it for political reasons.

Pretty bad for a guy who's accused of covering for Israel. Why Jones spun the Liberty attack is beyond me.

At Sunday, June 26, 2011, Blogger bookguitarguy@gmail.com said...

I disagree. First of all, if it was just for Israel's benefit (to cover up their invasion of Golan Heights/execution of POWs at El Arish), it would not be a "false flag" operation-just the destruction of an intelligence ship (act of war) to hide Israel's lies about/act of war against Syria. Secondly, even if that was true (and I believe it WAS), that does not mean that it was not ALSO a false flag operation for the US, in other words, the destruction of the Liberty served the interests of both the US and Israeli governments, and would have helped the US enter the mideast war if it could have been successfully blamed on Egypt. So basically, they are not mutually exclusive-it doesn't have to be one or the other. Recalling the rescue ships (and allowing the ship to be sunk without survivors) would have not only avoided "embarrassing our allies", as LBJ allegedly stated, but would ALSO prevent HIM from being embarrased as long as no sailors lived to tell what happened. In that case, it could have been blamed on Egypt and Israel never would have needed their "mistaken identity" story. It all seems to fit.


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