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Are you a Troll ? Take the new patented 'Troll Test' and find out!

Hi SOT - have been reading your posts for a wee while now, and I can't work you out.

So, I have designed the following multiple-choice quiz for you (and any keen other) in the interests of rational human international discourse - something you seem (unsuccessfully) hell-bent on derailing, for some reason or other.

Could you please complete this test and submit your answers

(and then after that ... be a more useful global citizen)

OK, here we go ...
(1) How much does water factor in the Israeli/Lebanese conflict
a) not at all
b) a little
c) a great deal
(2)If it were up to you, how would you best achieve international stability?
a) Targeted Assassination(s)
b) PR firms
c) Private Military Mercenary Armies (comprised mostly of badly-informed trailer park psychopaths With Something To Prove, and desperate Africans that have been convincingly promised greencards)
d) Involuntarily Administered Suicide, or:
e) The Militarisation Of Space
(3) Which term most comes to mind when you think of Palestinians?
a) horse
b) dog
c) soft target
d) collateral damage
(4) How many people were killed in the Vietnam war?
a) about 58,000
b) about 4 million
c) don't know
d) don't care
(5)Is there a difference between The Existence of Israel and The End of the Occupation of Palestine?
a) Yes
b) No
c) The Holocaust
d) They Hate Our Freedom
(6)When you think of Planet Earth - do you mentally picture:
a) A Threat (i.e. 'It's either you or me')
b) An Opportunity (i.e. 'There is no you - there is only me')
c) A Closed System (i.e. 'We're all in this together'), or:
d) A big ball of molten rock hurtling through spacewith 6 billion translatable mammals walking around on it,several of which concurrently vie for Full Spectrum Dominance.
(7) Have you ever been:
a) raped
b) bombed
c) shot
d) dropped on your head at birth
e) lied to and used by your superiors
f) none of the above
(8) Which phrase do you hear most often - as you go about your daily chores on the Web?
a) Twit
b) Weiner
c) Fucknut
d) Ass Candle
(9) You get your own information from:
a) The Sun (UK)
b) The Telegraph Group Limited
c) The Wall St Journal
d) Fox News Channel
e) Your mates down the pub
(10) In your mind, Israel is a:
a) democracy
b) post World War II Western guilt trip
c) an aggressive nuclear power
d) a nation of self-informed superority complexes clinging to yet one more pesky and geographically localised belief system
(11) If you suddenly discovered a dead body in the alley behind your home - it would upset you most if the person was . . .
a) Jewish
b) Zionist
c) Iranian
d) American
e) A Celebrity
f) An attractive and stylish member of the British Royal Family
g) Some guy from, say ... Iceland, or maybe The Maldives.
(12)What do you believe is currently the biggest threat to Israel?
a)The Growing World Awareness by the Public (or GWAP)
b) Guerilla Warfare
c) IDF suicide rates
d) Its own news media
e) Its own ex-WWII traumatised fear and hatred(and its own resultant decision to never, ever, ever, ever, ever trust anyone else again)
f) Zionists
(13) What is the lethal lifespan of combat-dispersed Depleted Uranium particles?
a) google it, fucker.
(then, be more useful ... )
(14) Did Arabs also descend from Shem?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Don't know
d) Don't care - because my life is suddenly outside my experience(and I'm so scared right now)
e) Don't care - because my current job pays well and I have mouths to feed and a bigger house to buy (so I go where they tell me)
Thanks for your time - I'm really not trying to put you down, SOT but please start reading more widely than you currently seem to.

I don't dislike you - I just despise your inability to learn from (and help alleviate) the collective and ongoing horrorshow that is human history.

Try and seek out and understand points of view that you do not agree with.

If brown people scare you, then I suggest you research the phrase: 'Human Universals' - and you will have an easier time of it.

Otherwise, I'm afraid that you are just another part of the problem.

Kind Regards,

Scott Ewing


At Tuesday, September 19, 2006, Blogger OWN-the-NWO said...



At Tuesday, September 19, 2006, Blogger thepoetryman said...

You put a reverberating smack down and your troll quiz was delightfully painful.

Thank you.

SOT, methinks you should try another tactic. Maybe our ashen skin could use the blistering sun.

At Tuesday, September 19, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

SOT, you don't deserve this much attention.

But, it's an awesome test, Scott!


At Wednesday, September 20, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

One of the best quizes ever. I suggest also sending it too Miss R. and davybaby. When you are done sending it to them send it to all the liers and fascists in Congress.


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