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Message to YouTube - Don't Do It!

$1.6 billion sounds like a LOT. But, it's NOT.
YouTube, which burst from nowhere to become the most popular Web site for Internet video, has caught [Google's attention,] which reportedly is offering $1.6 billion for the upstart video service.
Don't do it! Don't sell your soul to The Man.
It would be a rich sum for a Web start-up that still operates from a loft above a pizza parlor in San Mateo, Calif. Even though it launched its business just over a year ago and runs with just 64 employees, YouTube has grown to dominate the promising new world of Internet video, attracting more than 100 million people a month.

* * *

If Google succeeds in its bid to buy YouTube, it could mark a turning point in the evolution of the search-engine giant, and of the Internet. Alongside computerized search, video over the Internet may be one of the richest new opportunities on the Web.
It'll be a turning point, alright - the monetization and depopularization of YouTube.
In essence, [vulture] capitalism is "generalised commodity production," the transforming of all life into a "thing," something to be owned or traded.
If Google had the capability of building YouTube's popularity on its own, it would have done it in a heartbeat. But, they can't - that's why they're looking to BUY it.

But, it's like trying to buy love - you just can't do it - true love is NOT for sale.

YouTube wouldn't be the same under Google ownership. It would lose its flavor and soon lose its potential. YouTube, above all else, is clearly a labor of love, a product in the spirit of sharing. Sure, they deserve to earn a decent living from it. But YouTube must not be, primarily, in pursuit of profits.

That's what makes YouTube truly different from other entertainment venues.
"We're moving from a television generation to a video generation, and YouTube is by far the leader in video," said Rishad Tobaccowala, chief executive of Denuo, a Chicago-based unit of ad giant Publicis Groupe that focuses on Internet marketing.

YouTube appeals to people like Christian Hellsten, 30, an information technology consultant from Helsinki, Finland. "It's easier to go to YouTube and find something I like than watching some random show on TV," Hellsten said Friday in an interview through instant message. Besides entertainment, Hellsten also follows the war in Iraq via YouTube videos.

An equally enthusiastic fan of online video is Larry Page, a co-founder of Google. "I watch it a lot. It's really unbelievable. And I think it's really interesting compared to the things that I often see on television," Page told the Tribune earlier this summer. Page could not be reached for comment on the YouTube negotiation.

Google has $9.8 billion in cash and securities on hand, putting Page in a position to seize the largest Internet video site, should the two companies strike a deal. A deal also would ace out Microsoft, Yahoo and Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., all of which reportedly have visited YouTube's offices in recent months.

At a time when other high-profile Web sites are rumored to be takeover targets, Google would be snatching up perhaps the hottest property on the Internet—at a lofty price. Facebook.com, a social networking site and another possible takeover target, could fetch $1 billion or more. The price Google is offering for YouTube is up 60 percent from the valuation discussed in blogs and bars throughout Silicon Valley since early this year.

More than 106 million people—about three of every five Internet users—streamed or downloaded at least one YouTube video in July, according to ComScore Networks Inc. Even so, YouTube's audience continues to grow at a breakneck pace, which could make YouTube a relative bargain today should the trendline continue.
Believe it or not, $1.6 billion is chump change. But, again it's not just about money - it's the principle that counts.

This offer is really a hostile takeover in disguise. They don't like the competition. And if the offer is refused, they will show their true colors.

Just like the Bush administration and Afghanistan, YouTube either accepts a carpet of gold, or they will get a carpet of bombs - in the form of a myriad of copyright infringement suits.
Talk of a sale also comes at a time when speculation is growing that YouTube might run into problems with creators of commercial video content, much as the music piracy site Napster foundered.

Mark Cuban, the flamboyant billionaire investor who co-founded HDNet and owns the Dallas Mavericks, declared in a September talk to advertisers that only a "moron" would buy YouTube, in part because of copyright issues.

Kevin Donahue, vice president of content at YouTube, said in an interview this summer that the company works hard to avoid offering copyrighted content for which it has no license. YouTube limits user-supplied videos to 10 minutes each, has a tool that enables copyright holders to search for pirated videos, and aggressively takes down any video believed to violate copyright.

"We're going as far as we can," Donahue said.

As part of the effort to avoid lawsuits, YouTube has negotiated rights deals with commercial video-makers. Google has rushed to do that, too. Among other deals, YouTube has exclusive rights to Webcast previews of NBC shows, while Google has rights to put some MTV content on its site.

Josh Bernoff, an analyst for Forrester Research, recently cited coypright concerns in a blog posting titled, "YouTube is Goin' Down."
Mind you, at its inception in medieval England, copyright was solely a mechanism of censorship - designed to keep tight control over the content of information and the availability of knowledge.

It only assumed its popular rationale of "protecting the rights of creators" later on. But, in reality, the only so-called 'creators' that copyright protects are those who 'create' money from thin air. They're the ones who attempt to 'finance' EVERY human venture or creation, thereby securing title to it and instituting a ROYALTY fee (rent, interest, whatever you want to call it) on its enjoyment.
"In a word, as a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights.

Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions.

* * *

That is not a just government, nor is property secure under it, where the property which a man has in his personal safety and personal liberty, is violated by arbitrary seizures of one class of citizens for the service of the rest."
--James Madison, March 29, 1792
This argument is often used to attack the so-called redistribution of wealth via "welfare." But, it more aptly denounces the PRE-distribution of wealth through unjust patent and copyright laws - among other horrendous legal mechanisms of MONOPOLY, the most deadly of which is THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.

So, you see - this is not a friendly venture. This offer is really a HOSTILE TAKEOVER.
Takeover talks first were reported on a Silicon Valley blog called TechCrunch. A spokeswoman for YouTube and a spokesman for Google each declined to comment.

Google had little choice but to make the move. Even though Google recently put a link to Google Video on its main search page, replacing the sputtering price-shopping service Froogle, the company remains a distant third place on online video.

YouTube dominates with a 45 percent market share. MySpace videos account for 21 percent of the site visits, while Google garners a modest 11 percent share, according to Hitwise, an online tracking service.

* * *

YouTube needs the computing power, Google needs the users, said Denuo's Tobaccowala. "That makes a good fit."
BULLSHIT! It's not a good fit - IT'S A SCAM.

Finance is attempting to takeover YouTube - it's that simple.

But, in the words of Tracy Chapman -
Dont be tempted by the shiny apple

Dont you eat of a bitter fruit

Hunger only for a taste of justice

Hunger only for a world of truth

cause all that you have is your soul.
Don't Do It - Just Say No to The Man.


At Saturday, October 07, 2006, Blogger Abu Zainab said...

Hey I guess if you can't beat'em you buy'em. If this deal goes through it will be a sad day indeed. Because You Tube was truly something unique and untainted. Google has become today, what Microsoft was in the 80's and 90's. And don't let the colorful letters of their logo fool you, giving you the impression of happy, happy, fun, fun, look a clown, we're having fun. We love to work at Google, we're different than the rest of Silicon Valley, we don't cater to Wall St. we're laid back, we're quirky and unconventional, we're fun, we protect the privacy of users. Yeah OK. Here I am on Blogger, a feature provided by Google, bashing Google for attempting to buy You Tube and perhaps angling to obfuscate the truth by altering a great medium for sharing the truth. The irony of it all! I have never been a fan of monopolies and I become very suspicious when wealth and information are concentrated within one entity. We'll see what role Google, Yahoo, and others play as the U.S. moves from freedom to fascism, or as Mussolini said Corporatism. Welcome to prison planet.

At Saturday, October 07, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

"Hey I guess if you can't beat'em you buy'em."

You hit the nail on the head.

And whatever they can't buy - THEY DESTROY.

At Saturday, October 07, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Here's an example.

At Saturday, October 07, 2006, Blogger superslave2 said...

yup, an "The Man" wears a yarmulke...just like the 800 lb. gorilla...!

At Saturday, October 07, 2006, Blogger TheMerchant said...

Hey qrswave, excellent blog.

You know, I admire your fight againt the money power. Have you thought that the fight begins at a more fundamental level, like our Natural Rights as pointed out by Thomas Jefferson?


At Saturday, October 07, 2006, Blogger Frederick said...

If google video is a glimpse of what will happen to youtube...I don't like. No sir, can't say as I do.

At Saturday, October 07, 2006, Blogger quasimodo said...

If 1.6 Bill. is "chump change" for Brin and Page, this takeover bid must be about something else. Their project for a new "research center" in Tel Aviv is slated for an initial outlay of 50 Mill. That must amount to mere cab fare. So what's the incentive ? How about WORLDWIDE CONTROL OF CONTENT for online video ? These two savvy intellectual giants might just finally hit the BIG ONE. Not to mention Meir Brandt breezing in on the "research" end. This would be the prototypical gift that keeps on giving. Just think of all the heavy hitters like Murdox that would love to pitch in and sweeten the pot. Deal it straight up or under the table, the really disgustingly serious money is there already, for a wet pipe dream of being able to identify, censor, and totally yank any and all "objectionable content". They could have more fun with this than nuclear blackmail. I sincerely hope all you boys and girls enjoyed Google for what it was. Now it looks like it will be something else entirely. If this goes through, they will do the same thing that Kobi Alexander did with Amdocs, when he picked up Odigo. Then all they have to do is take the check and retire to Namibia.

At Saturday, October 07, 2006, Blogger quasimodo said...

-meant to say COMVERSE, not AMDOCS.

At Saturday, October 07, 2006, Blogger Nepos Libertas said...

It seems the corporate culture believes monopoly is good as long as they offer huge amounts of cash to the little men, thereby eliminating the competition to consolidate control. This is precisely what happened to the U.S. mainstream media that have since become a primary propaganda machine to induce the American citizens into gullible and obedient sheep -- exactly what Noam Chomsky had said in depth in his book "Manufacturing Consent". Sad, is it not?

I wrote a new blog entry on the forthcoming World War today. It may be disturbingly pessimistic, but I see the truth as I perceive it.

Let's hope the American public wake up and see the light. Perhaps not, because it is ignorance and apathy that remains a prevailing attitude to this day. Understandable, because it is politics. The majority of American citizenry -- and for that matter, the world -- are allergic to any political discussion, even if our lives and liberty are at stake before the Iron Curtain of fascism come to full blown form. When they cry and are angry about what have occured after a certain turn of event happen, the finger points back at them -- the culprit in ignoring the persistently important matters until it's too litte, too late.

At Sunday, October 08, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

It is said that idiot america has no clue about the evils of monopolization. You try to explain this to people about Walmart and that once they take about all the local businesses they just raise prices to higher than what they were anywhere and idiot america just stares blankly and goes put they are saving me money (which isn't even the case anyway). They also are too dumb to understand that Bill Gates is an evil corporate terrorist and that if he throws a little blood money at some things that does not make him a hero.

At Monday, October 09, 2006, Blogger quasimodo said...

qrs; Well, that didn't take long, now did it ? Obviously Google never got your urgent message, or if they did, they utterly ignored it. I think they threw in the hat for a little more 'chump change', to the tune of 1.65 B.or better. Now Brin and Page and Brand can get down and dirty with the high muckamucks and into the high megabucks, while a whole new PRE-SCREEN era dawns on a totally PRE-SCREENED audience of video junkies.

At Tuesday, October 10, 2006, Blogger brookskof said...

All that is great but to me this is just another consolidation of monetary resources. Youtube is going to continue to explode in size. Just like myspace did. I'm almost inclined to believe that the owners of myspace and the owners of youtube were threatened.

But in the end we will end up with fewer people making more money. Right now Youtube hosts their entire network with a hosting company. That hosting company will probably lose all of that business and google will do the hosting.

Less people get more money.
More people get less money.

At Tuesday, October 10, 2006, Blogger brookskof said...


Less people get more media control.
More people get less media control.


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