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‘WHY did you KILL my MOTHER???’

No manner of all caps or punctuation marks can adequately capture the outrage and anguish embodied in that question.

Yet, despite its urgency, few are ready to risk their careers and their livelihoods to demand an answer on behalf of eleven Palestinian children, grieving over the loss of their mother, shot to death by Israeli soldiers for daring to defend her deaf husband from their relentless brutality.

Former congressman Paul Findley is one of those few. His article, "Why Was The Mother Murdered?", was published today in the Daily Journal-Courier, Jacksonville, IL.

Alison Weir, founder of If Americans Knew, whose recent article "Just Another Mother Murdered" inspired both Findley's article and my recent post "Have you heard...", forwarded a copy below:

Alison Weir, a California journalist and activist who chronicles the bias in U.S. media coverage of Middle East events, bestirred many Americans—perhaps many thousands--during the past few days ago with a powerful, chilling Internet account of the largely-unreported murder of a Palestinian mother of eleven children by Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

Itemad Ismail Abu Mo'ammar was fatally shot while trying to rescue her deaf husband from a severe beating by Israeli soldiers, who were furious because he did not answer their questions.

Weir wrote:

"Foolishly or valiantly, how is one to say, the 35-year-old woman interfered. She tried to explain that her husband was deaf and couldn't hear their questions. Then she attempted to stop them from hitting him. So they shot her. Several times. She didn't die, though. That took longer, because the soldiers refused to allow an ambulance to transport her to a physician. Finally, after approximately five hours, one was permitted to take her to a hospital where physicians were able to render one service: pronounce her dead. Why did this all happen? The family lived behind the residence of a resistance fighter wanted by Israel. The death of Itemad was simply 'collateral damage' in a failed Israeli assassination-kidnapping operation."
Weir searched major U.S. media--broadcast and print--from coast to coast, and found Itemad's death reported only in three newspapers, a single-sentence notice in each. One of the three, The Washington Post, reported inaccurately that the woman was killed by an Israeli tank round. After exchanging messages with Weir, the Post cleared for publication her letter that explained that multiple bullets, fired close up—not a tank round--were the cause of death. But the Post reneged. The letter was not published. Why? Weir's explanation: "After all, these were only Palestinians, and it was just another mother dead."

Ponder the "why" of the shooting. Although the distraught woman struggled to get the armed soldiers to stop beating her deaf husband, she surely posed no physical threat to them. Even if they did not understand what she said, she was, at worst, an inconvenience, hardly deserving to be shot.

Now consider the "why" of the aftermath. Were the hearts of the Israeli squad so hardened that they could not act with compassion as the husband and children watched helplessly through unavailing tears as the woman bled to death? Why did they want her dead?

This Gaza atrocity is not an isolated aberration. Israeli brutality is commonplace, and so is American silence in response. What transformed the soldiers, their military superiors, as well as the civilian leaders of the Israeli government into callous brutes? Is the whole Israeli governmental system so corrupted with anti-Arab passion that mercy for a dying mother is nowhere to be found?

Other questions beg answers. Will the killers be punished or even rebuked? Will messages of regret, consolation, and—yes--compensation be sent to the survivors? Sadly, I know from the wells of memory the answer to these two questions is no.

Such messages should come from Washington, not just from Israel, as the guns and bullets used in the killing were almost certainly gifts of the U.S. government. Will the U.S. ambassador deliver messages to the aggrieved, as well as a threatening protest to Israeli officials, demanding an end to the brutal treatment of innocent people? Here again, the answer is no.

Why the cover-up in major U.S. media? The awful circumstances of Itemad's death were not reported, because major media are afraid—yes, afraid--to feature Israeli criminal behavior. Israel's influence is suffocating. Imagine the intense, sustained coverage that would have dominated major media if the roles in Gaza had been reversed, with a dying Israeli woman denied medical service for hours by Palestinians who had shot her at close range for no good reason.

U.S. media are generally brave, except where Israel is concerned. So are Members of Congress. So is the presidency. And the rest of us? Almost everyone is afraid to criticize Israel, no matter how barbaric its behavior.

U.S. silence in the face of an Israeli atrocity is a green light to more crime. If we look at our own hands, we may find a trace of Itemad's blood right there in plain sight.
What about you - are you brave enough to demand to know WHY Israeli soldiers killed this poor mother?

Or, does your freedom to speak extend only to that which is allowed?


At Friday, October 13, 2006, Blogger bobw said...

Alison Weir has been covering Israel/Palestine for a long time. She is one of several writers, including Chomsky, in a terrific anthology on the subject called "The New Intifada" (published around 2003)

At Friday, October 13, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Thanks for the tip - I'll pick up a copy.

Alison is great.

The world needs more courageous, outspoken people like her.

At Saturday, October 14, 2006, Blogger The Great Revealer said...

Last update - 21:48 13/10/2006
Foreign Ministry slams envoy's comments about 'yellow race'
By Charlotte Halle, Haaretz Correspondent

The Foreign Ministry on Friday condemned remarks by the Israeli ambassador to Australia in which he told Haaretz that the two countries are white sisters amid "the yellow race" of Asia.

"If the article is accurate, this is a grave and unacceptable remark," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The ministry said it will not return to business as usual if an internal examination confirms that the ambassador, Naftali Tamir, in fact made the comments attributed to him.

Tamir said that due to what he characterized as the racial similarities between Israel and Australia, the two countries should work together to enhance ties with other Asian countries.

"Israel and Australia are like sisters in Asia," Tamir said in an interview with Haaretz during a visit to Israel this week. "We are in Asia without the characteristics of Asians. We don't have yellow skin and slanted eyes. Asia is basically the yellow race. Australia and Israel are not - we are basically the white race. We are on the western side of Asia and they are on the southeastern side."

"Israel has not fully acknowledged the value of working together with Australia in Asia," Tamir said. "It's a way for us to cooperate with and enhance our position in the countries neighboring Australia."

In a meeting with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni this week, Tamir emphasized the potential for developing trade and other links in Asia via Australia and the "necessity" that she visit Australia.

"One shouldn't take for granted friendships anywhere in the world," said Tamir, noting that "Australia is not lagging behind the U.S." in its support of Israel. "[Livni] listened very attentively and highly praised Australia," he said.

"Israel has a past and present in Europe, but no future," said Tamir. "Israel is a part of Asia."

Tamir said he did not raise the subject of reopening the Israeli consulate in Sydney during the meeting. The consulate's closure due to budget cuts some four years ago was fiercely protested by Australia's Jewish community, which later offered to finance its operations to keep it open.

"I am very much in support of reopening the consulate," Tamir told Haaretz. "But at the present time, due to budgetary limitations - which are even greater than they were before - it's simply not feasible."

A career diplomat who served in Tokyo, Washington, Strasbourg and as ambassador in Finland, Tamir is also Israel's non-resident ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Fiji and New Zealand, where Israel closed its embassy in 2002, also for budgetary reasons.

Though in Australia since January 2005, Tamir was only accredited in New Zealand a year ago, following the resumption of normal diplomatic relations between the two countries after Israel extended a formal apology for its role in the "passport affair." In 2004 two alleged Mossad agents were apprehended and jailed after attempting to obtain a New Zealand passport by fraudulent means.

Late last year, then-foreign minister Silvan Shalom announced that Israel would reopen its embassy in Wellington, but this has not yet happened. While Tamir strongly advocates reopening the mission there, other sources in the Foreign Ministry indicated that if New Zealand opened its own embassy here, things on the Israeli side might speed up.

New Zealand, which currently conducts its diplomatic contacts with Israel from its embassy in Turkey, has been frequently critical of Israel in recent years, although some commentators note this was slightly moderated during the recent war in Lebanon.

At Saturday, October 14, 2006, Blogger The Great Revealer said...

The above article is another example of Israel/Zionists/White Ashkenazis/Khazars RACIST Thinking. Add to their "racial purity laws".

PS: QRSWAVE and FRIENDS, I and a few other people have not posted in a while. That does not mean we are "giving up" the struggle or that we don't "care" anymore. Sometimes it helps to take a "breather".

By the way, I know the job of running such an excellent blog requires 'constant' tending, and I congratulate you for it. I hope you know you are making a difference. But at anytime, you also need to focus on your law studies.

Now think of it this way, become a good lawyer, one that stands for TRUTH and JUSTICE, just as you have now. I know Miss R and Company and their "jewish" lobby will do whatever it takes to 'Kill your career', but remember how much you have learned, and how your communication skills have been improved by constantly practicing your trade.

Remember that you are NOT ALONE. There are just as many, if not more "GOYIM" and "MINORITY" lawyers (excluding supreme judges, which is 'rigged') than there are Khazars. Work with them, and they with you.

Remember WE ARE THE MAJORITY. We the people of this earth, all 6.6 BILLION of us are the majority --- not the 30 are so White Ashkenazi traitors of humanity.

Also just to let you know, I will not be posting for a while, not because of any "unnatural deaths" (at least for now), but because I need to concentrate on other important matters --- but I do read this blog on a daily basis, as do MILLIONS of other people.

Just because there are that many posted comments, does not necessarily mean the interest is dying down. This who Zionist Khazar ordeal is very mentally and emotionally tiring, as you know. But rest assured, whenever the opportunity presents itself to defend TRUTH and JUSTICE, I as well as billions of other people are doing our little part.

And one of the major contributions is EDUCATING THE SHEEPLE.... But do it "gently" and they will not have their "ego" hurt and will be more than willing to explore and learn for themselves.

For now, I bid my farewell. But do keep up the good work!

(signed The Great Revealer)

At Saturday, October 14, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

tgr, I was wonderig where you disappeared to - I thought something happened to you. I'm glad to learn you are OKAY.

btw, millions is stretching it a wee bit - :D

It's really hard to keep up this blog - especially with many of the morbid posts I must write on a daily basis just to keep up with the brutal insanity taking place in the Middle East and the world.

But, no matter how I try, I never manage to cover all the important things, which is why it's great when others contribute, like the important incident you cited above - crucial in understanding the underlying basis for the world's problems - racism, arrogance, and greed.

RE: my career - I'm doing the best I can to survive and make a difference as an attorney. I'm certainly not your average Jane - but I also know that I am not alone in my pursuit for a sane and just world. I'll keep trying my best and leave the rest to God.

I wish you the best of luck in handling whatever pressing matters are before you. Always know that your contributions to the blog are very much appreciated and that when you're absent, you're missed.

At Saturday, October 14, 2006, Blogger Michael Price said...

to tgr:

Your comments have always been accurate and often been enlightening. Good luck to you, hope to see you back sometime.


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