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Bill Maher: Just another shill for Empire and Israel

Is Bill Maher, host of the HBO Friday night program Real Time, just another pimp and whore for Wall Street and the "Wars for Empire and Israel" crowd?

He never misses a chance to kiss establishment ass, like on his March 20, 2009 show, when he was licking that mass murderer's ass, "Bloody" Maddy Albright, Slick Willie's Secretary of State and all around skank.
The same "Bloody Maddy" that said letting 500,000 Iraqi children die due to US and British sanctions was a jolly good way of doing business.
He even flirted with that scuzz ball. Ugggh.

He kissed Israeli war criminal and 9/11 backer "Bibi" Netanyahu's perfumed panties, in a fawning display that was nauseous.

Billy boy's a dedicated Islamaphobe, never missing a chance to diss Muslims or crack wise about Islam, which is natural for some fool who still sings the praises of the 9/11 "Omission Commission."

He likes to make fun of those "conspiracy" theorists who say FEMA has build detention camps around the US. Tell you what Bill, if you won't believe us bloggers, take your face out of that mirror and read this story in your buddy Ariani's Huffington Post about those detention centers being built to house illegals and "to support the rapid development of new programs."

Bill likes his good friend, WH Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, giving that vicious bastard a forum to push for another war for Israel.

And likes to have on the notorious Bridget Gabriel, who claims Israeli's saved her from being beheaded as a teenager when the world's "most moral army" invaded Lebanon in 1975. First, the Israeli's "rescued" her mother, who had been wounded by "Muzzies," then they rescued Gabriel, who had been hiding from Lebanese "anti-Semites" who were stalking her to kill!
Sounds like some goddamn Holocaust™ fairy tale, updated for 1975.

Here's part of a little talk Gabriel gives to Americans around the country. If she's not MOSSAD, I'll kiss her ass:
I was raised in Lebanon where I was taught that the Jews were evil, Israel was the devil, and the only time we will have peace in the Middle East is when we kill all the Jews and drive them into the sea.
When the Moslems and Palestinians declared Jihad on the Christians in 1975, they started massacring the Christians, city after city. I ended up living in a bomb shelter underground from age 10 to 17 without electricity, eating grass to live and crawling under sniper bullets to a spring to get water.

It was Israel who came to help the Christians in Lebanon. My mother was wounded by a Moslem's shell and was taken into an Israeli hospital for treatment.

Yes, Israel is always coming to the rescue of the Lebanese. Like they did in the Summer of 2006. And in the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps in 1982.

Seeing a pattern here? Maher's obviously intelligent and smart enough to know in show biz, as in the US Congress, kissing Israeli ass and groveling before his Zionist Masters is important.
He's just a refined, "hipper" version of Bill O'LIElly and Rush Limbaugh, pushing their brand of snake oil by singing a different tune.

Maher's a complete washed up, sold out shit head, but as long as he pushes the Establishment line, he'll be left alone to snort Peruvian flake, smoke hydroponic weed and fuck all the Playboy mansion babes his bones can handle without having to worry about getting busted.

Oh well, at least he's getting more than 30 pieces of silver for his soul.



At Saturday, March 28, 2009, Blogger qrswave said...

Isn't this the same "Bill Maher" that got caught with his pants down live on tv in September 2007?

Of course, conveniently, the video clip of that precious moment was removed from youtube for allegedly violating terms of use.

Luckily, I transcribed the most important part verbatim and although thanks to the shleps at BlueHost the old site is gone, some smart bloggers copied my post and pasted it verbatim on their message board to discuss.

Here it is:

Bill Maher "caught with his pants down"


Figuratively, that is.

In truth, Bill was caught in a zionist moment.

Never underestimate the power of comedy to ease people into letting down their guard.

Let me start by defining a "zionist moment."

It's a moment, usually spontaneous, in which a person inadvertantly and unequivocally reveals that they are ready to put israel's interests before America's.

In this amazing clip, Bill Maher proves before a live audience that he's truly an israel-firster.


Maher starts off joking about Bin Laden as he interviews Michael Scheuer author of the new book "Marching towards Hell: America and Islam after Iraq", but towards the middle Maher posits what he thinks is a rhetorical question about israel, only to find out that it's not.

Maher: "would you grant me this, that as long as there is an israel in the world - and I'm a big supporter of israel - and that as long as America backs it, the kind of Muslims that take their religion that seriously, that they would strap on a suicide belt, are always going to be [after] us and always going to be trying to kill us?"

To this Scheuer replied, much to Maher's shock and dismay:

Scheuer: I think we can reduce it very seriously, sir - I disagree with you on israel, but uh . . . [Maher cuts him off]

Maher [visibly perterbed]: In what way? You're not a supporter?

Scheuer [fumbles a little]: I hope israel flourishes, I just don't think that it's worth an American life or an American dollar.

BAM! WoW! Yowzer!

He nearly knocked Maher off his feet!

And to this Scheuer got a round of applause (though there were isolated boos in the audience).

Maher then repeats what Scheuer said verbatim, only as a question, (apparently expecting him to change his answer) only to find that Scheuer not only stands by what he said, but is decidedly not ashamed to be American first and foremost!

I won't spoil the rest for you. See it yourself.

But, let me assure you that this is dynamite.

It's the beginning of something VERY BIG.

When a major mainstream player like Maher gets caught with his israel-first guns a-blazing that means US support for israel is finally disintegrating on the mainstream stage.

Nothing short of an immediate halt to this war and all other wars on the table can stop it now.


At Saturday, March 28, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howabout a NewHost?

At Saturday, March 28, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

I hope israel flourishes, I just don't think that it's worth an American life or an American dollar.

When Scheuer said that, I bet alarm bells were going off in Maher's wallet.

At Saturday, March 28, 2009, Blogger roscooler said...

to answer your question at the top of you post YES.
and the dewd is not funny.

his "comedy" is turrible, watch his last HBO special the audience can hardly be forced to laugh at his crap lines its uncomfortable to watch......

plus he is zioshill to the e nth degree. guy has propaganda agents on constantly to shill for the idf/mossad goons. its sickening to watch in front of us and nobody or nothing can stop them........

At Saturday, March 28, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

And HBO has 1/3 of the US TV viewers as customers.

At Saturday, March 28, 2009, Blogger Visible said...

He's a scumbag and no mistake. When you look up the word 'smarmy' in the dictionary, his picture is right there. All it took was for me to see his kissfest with Nentanyahoo and that was the end... now I can't watch him anymore. I used to think he was insightful and funny some years ago. Either I have grown or he has become more transparent.

At Saturday, March 28, 2009, Blogger Ray Ray said...

You know his mother is Jewish. If he wanted to he could move there (Valiant Little Israel) tomorrow and become a citizen. Perhaps he already is an Israeli citizen. Hw acts like one.
Ray Ray

At Saturday, March 28, 2009, Blogger Restless said...

The two things Bill Maher "hates" the most -- Bush and religion.... except when he doesn't...

On Israel, Bill Maher Likes President Bush
Forward - Sept 2006
“I mean, can you imagine if there was a terrorist organization that took over the country on our northern border, which would be Canada, and they started shelling us in our northern cities and Minnesota, and Bangor, Maine, was being shelled? What do you think George Bush would do?” Maher said. “I think he would nuke them before breakfast. And look, you know I don’t like George Bush, but he is the best president we’ve ever had on Israel because for some reason, he gets that.

Bill Maher -- justifying Israel's slaughter of Lebanon. Dubya wouldn't have fucked around.... he'd have NUKED them.... thats one thing I liked about Bush.

At Saturday, March 28, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it's on ZV, chances are it's a lie too.

At Sunday, March 29, 2009, Blogger Vierotchka said...

Typical Libertarian.

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