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Another Holocaust™ racket shakedown

The Zionists have devoted so many dates to Holocaust™ fairy tales, that they had a problem with the scheduling of Yom HaShoah . Or as it's mandated by US law, "Days of Remembrance" here in the States.

Bummer. But at least they'll get their prez, Obama, to show up on April 23 and act like a loyal Holocaust™ acolyte. (Pssst, hey, OBOMBA, be sure to thrill the crowd with ominous threats to bomb Iran, Somalia, Syria, Lebanon and any other ME state Israel doesn't like. That ought to get BIG money flowing into your reelection fund. And be sure to use that "Never Again" phrase, they eat that stuff up!)

Maybe they can get their slaves and gophers in the US Congress to add a few more days to the Gregorian calendar so we could have more Holocaust™ Reparations Racket Celebration Days. Maybe we could eliminate Christmas and make it a Hallmark Holocaust™ moment day, since I hear the Tribe doesn't like JC all that much.

Well, there's always one thing that seems to soothe all of those Holocaust™ hurtisies, money, lots and lots of money, as the Order of St. Francis is about to find out.

United States District Court for Northern California Alperin v. Vatican Bank and Franciscan order Case No. C-99-4491 MMC


Last year, GW Bush sent his Chief of Staff John Bolten to address this circus. This year, the Kosher Nostra demanded that their president Obama, show up and he will.

One has to wonder if the newly passed "The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, an Act to reauthorize and reform the national service laws," will be used to funnel our tax dollars to Holocaust™ reparations factories, like the multitude of Holocaust™ museums scattered across the US?
(1) assisting social entrepreneurs and nonprofit community organizations in addressing national and local challenges; (2) leveraging federal investments to increase other public and private resources directed toward such challenges;

One things for sure, the people of Eastern Europe are about to get their pockets ransacked by the Tribe for more and more and more Holocaust™ extortion payments.

Will World War II, which ended in Europe in May 1945, ever be over?

Holocaust Era Assets Conference
More than six decades after World War II the terrible ghosts of the Holocaust have not disappeared.

Holocaust™ Era??? Sounds to me like the Tribe is setting up this extortion scheme to go on forever. Will our grandkids be getting their pocket picked by 3rd and 4th generation Holocaust™ descendants?

Those Holocaust™ ghosts won't disappear, not as long as there's gold in them thar thrills and not as long as the Zionists can keep using their fairy tales to scare people into giving more and more money to something which they had NO part of.

Over 20 million Russians were slaughtered by the Bolsheviks after that deranged bunch took over Russia in 1919. Why isn't there Holocaust™ reparations payment for the Russian survivors?

Why, because the Bolsheviks were run by a Jewish cadre, that's why that we never hear anything about payments to those damned Gentiles.

What are you, "anti-Semitic" or something?

"There's No Business Like SHOAH™ Business 'Cause SHOAH™ Business Is Like No Business I Know!"

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At Monday, April 20, 2009, Blogger Infensus Mentis said...

More holocaust propaganda from Haaretz.

At Monday, April 20, 2009, Blogger Infensus Mentis said...

Another $45 million holohoax propaganda museum just opened in Chigaco, which again featured the Zionist bootlicking Obama via video, and arse-kissing Bill "I'd die for Israel" Clinton in person.

Another $45 mil down the drain for the Great Jewish Lie. The Zionists are serious about making sure we "never forget".

At Monday, April 20, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

Slick Willie said he'd "die for Israel?"

The sold out piece of shit wouldn't even serve his own country during the Vietnam War, he dodged the draft by getting an endless number of deferments.


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