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The Cowardice of President Obama in sucking up to the Zionists

Obama, O-bomb-a
Barack is a tool
A coward
An idiot
A puppet
A traitor
Zionists got him by the balls
O-bomb-a is Uncle Tom
For the State of Israel

Meanwhile America is in moral and economic peril
Cos it's overrun
By Zionist parasites
Spreading relentlessly like mayflies
To FUBAR everything
Raping, plundering and pillaging
To loot the nation till its morale is dead
And national treasure empty

Let's wreck the world
To rob, ruin and ravish
Say the conniving Zionists
While laughing and clinking the glasses in toast
Celebrating the hopeless stupidity
Of the Goyim treated like sheep
Sent to the slaughterhouse
As Israel consolidates its power
To influence the stupid Goy awe-struck
By the hypnotizing prowess of Jew's sleight of hand
That it is the master of the world
Nay, the universe

Obama, O-bomb-a
Yo, cover your eyes
See no evil!
Plug your ears
Hear no evil!
Cover your mouth
Speak no evil!
Zionists got him by the balls
O-bomb-a is Uncle Tom
For the State of Israel

Because Obama is a house nigger
Say the Zionist puppetmasters
Laughing heartily at the stupidity of humankind
That propels conquest of the dumb Goy
To raise the phallus symbol flag of Israeli Zionist Empire
From shitty little country to
the hive of the terror hub in the Middle East

They built Israel atop the confiscated land of Palestine
On the pile of the corpses of the Holocaust
Exploited with great lies and emotional extortion
To exalt the glorious achievement of Herzl's dream
As David Ben-Gurion and Chaim Weizmann hath wrought

Now Zionists control America
Got him by the balls
O-bomb-a is Uncle Tom
He's our house nigger
Say the Zionists
Who laughed all the way to the banks
And sunbathing and floating at the beach in Tel Aviv
Leaving behind the destruction
Of the nations that committed the error
In welcoming the Jews with open arms
Only to be mugged, slashed, stabbed, skewed and decapitated
By the tentacles that unsheathed a thousand daggers

Obama, O-bomb-a is Uncle Tom
Got him by the balls
Now he's our puppet
If he dare err from our design
Snarled the Zionist conspirators
Remove the uppity, defiant prick
Like JFK was offed
And replace him with a tool Biden
As we made LBJ a king by proxy

Zionists rule America forever and ever
Israel shall remain the kingdom of the Khazar Jew
Zionists brag we have the nukes
To blackmail the nations
To dance obediently to our wailing tune of the Holocaust
Don't fuck with us
The world is our slave!

Elie Wiesel Verbally Abused as "Zio-Nazi" by Ahmadinejad Entourage


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