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Militant homosexual judge & producers denigrate Miss USA pageant to promote hatred and perversion to push Zionist agenda of national destruction


I never cared for homosexuals and homosexual communities as long as they are not imposing on the mainstream American culture. I opposed California's recently passed Proposition 8 strictly on the ground of state sovereignty without outside interference, particularly the Mormons in Utah.

But that is over with me now. It appears Zionists are hell-bent on promoting acceptance of what is termed "sexual perversion" by vocal supporters for militant homosexuality.

I must be truthful so I shall not be accused of hypocrisy.

I enjoy watching and reading lesbian pornography as an irreligious straight man. In real life, I do not believe in feminism and militant lesbianism. I despise anything related to male homosexuality, be it in open display of sexual innuendos with near-naked male bodies at pride parades and festivals (infamously, "Folsom Street Fair" and "Up Your Alley" in San Francisco, where gay sexual acts are practiced freely and without interference in open air in defiance of public decency law that is ignored by local cops) and in publications and pornography. It makes me feel physically ill to even think about what male homosexuals do in sexual acts.

I do not care what they do in the privacy of residence (with exception to objectionable "pig sex" parties at common places such as hotels), but obnoxious imposition of homosexuality on the society anywhere on Earth should not be tolerated for disregarding the public morals in decency and respect for the majority's right not to be offended and degraded being forced to view the public display of immorality. This applies also to the glorification of sexual imagery in public such as the plastered giant billboards in New York City and at the malls, i.e. Hollister, Victoria's Secret and Abercromie & Fitch.

Corruption of public morals with the advertisement and media propagation that encourage and praise "sexual immorality" with near-naked bodies of both genders (as seen in cover photos and ads in non-adult magazines [Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, &tc] and large-size window and decorative photographic displays at the mall) may lead to lack of self-respect and moral standing among the 'innocuous' people (especially impressionable children and teenagers subject to sex-centered media propaganda in print and on tv).

I'm not stating the sky is falling because American -- and European -- moral fiber is being destroyed due to media promotion of sex. Far from it.

The point is, it is the attitude that undermines the majority's right not to be offended and degraded by being subject to involuntarily viewing and enduring odious propaganda that emphasize immorality pernicious to the health of the social culture. Such is the promotion of militant homosexuality as exemplified by the hateful judges and producers for Miss USA pageant by denying Miss California the crown on the ground of her candid answer affirming traditional marriage in a respectful manner.

It does not matter whether Miss California is for or against gay marriage. But the fact that the loaded question was thrown at her to answer truthfully only to pull the rug under her is abominable.

Here lies the proof that not only militant homosexuals & gay rights proponents like judge Perez Hilton and Miss CA/Teen USA executive director Keith Lewis demand the right to be recognized for homosexual rights integrated in the mainstream society, but that the plan is laid out to condemn, degrade and denigrate the encompassed traditional moral values by forced imposition that is objectionable to the majority of heterosexual people.

In other words, they are heterophobes. They hate the straight people who dare to express truthful views even in a respectful, civil manner. Militant homosexuals are filled with venomous hatred as they attempt to impose their twisted values on the mainstream society by demanding total rights with obnoxious, opinionated attitude believing they are right and any one who opposes, no matter how benign, is ousted as a homophobe to be demonized.

My opinion has changed thanks to Perez Hilton and the idiots who ruined the mission of Miss USA in highlighting the feminine beauty and American attitude.

It is my view that militant homosexuals should be subject to prosecution and, in case of severe offense to public moral (particularly those caught participating in "pig sex" party at the venues), extermination. Among the few nations that prescribe capital punishment for homosexual practice, Iran execute male homosexuals.

A fatwa should be declared on Perez Hilton and cohorts that ruined Miss USA program to attack the traditional values by insulting the millions of heterosexual viewers with biased attitude in choosing the winner based on the candidates' response deemed favorable to their cause.

Perez, et al exemplifies the embodiment of human degeneracy in pushing a filthy agenda in the media already corrupted by the control of Zionist Jews & crypto-Jews to damage the public morals through propaganda to brainwash the masses to surrender to the rulers by social confusion and disharmony when abandonment of positive values for perversion and indulgement of vice is accepted and embraced.

For this reason they deserve the outcome of justice delivered unto them come the time.

Face of militant homosexual's hate.

(he calls her a bitch and a c*nt)


At Saturday, April 25, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a total media distraction, as they attempt to divide and conquer us. i wonder how much that felching faggot got paid to ask the loaded question? obviously Carrie's views were already known, and to make sensational bullshit out of it is just sooo jewish.

i could give a rat's ass how perverted someone is, as long as they're not doing it to children, animals or anyone not giving consent. however i cannot stand the excessive and militant pushing of these perversions.

Nepos, when you watch those girls together, consider yourself obsolete.

At Saturday, April 25, 2009, Blogger Nepos Libertas said...

True about "divide and conquer" strategy utilized by Zionists to contrive a plan to deliver America and Europe to them by unleashing the internal destruction of the host nations through fraud and propaganda.

Your last sentence is assumed to be sarcastic. Surely I'm a self-righteous hypocrite by posting a rant. But that effect is lessened by my admittance as a matter of policy to "tell the truth" without disappointing the readers who learn of hypocrisies later.

I prefer a future girlfriend/spouse to be straight and white without ridiculous Princess Complex common in America, especially in the state of Utah. Unless she proposes the idea of ménage à trois with her girlfriend for a brief lesbian experimentation, which I may or may not object to.

At Saturday, April 25, 2009, Blogger Barbara L said...

This woman spoke her truth under intense pressure. She is handling the fuss and hatred with grace and eloquence. Just yesterday I put up a blog on the gay agenda that is going on in America today and I, too, have little tolerance for fanatics. Of any variety. The piece I worked with got to the bottom of the force behind this assault on American morality and what remains of American heterosexual masculinity after feminism and playboyism took their shares.

When you look at all the prime movers and shakers, you will find the biggies in feminism, also, were Jewish. The ones pushing the gay agenda are primarily Jewish and this is all part and parcel of an overall agenda to weaken the people. They did this in pre WW2 Germany as well.

This Perez person castigates her for using her FREEDOM OF SPEECH ~ he behaves as any good little ADL or JDL would do. Only so far the usual tactics are not working.

His lack of class was obvious in his reaction and the way he seemed to purposefully build a mountain out of thin air. Like any good member of ADL he found flaws and insults where none were intended. How sad to be so paranoid!

And yes, this is just a distraction to keep folks from knowing what is going on about them ~ for most people. For me, it is a break at levity after hours of dealing in depth with "what is really going on"!

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