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Guilty unless proven Affluent


p3 s19. And thus the people condemn the upright and acquit the guilty, persuaded ever more and more that it can do whatsoever it wishes. Thanks to this state of things, the people are destroying every kind of stability and creating disorders at every step.

Do your utmost best to make sure that your ego is humble before God, and that it is not made an extension of beasts and usurpers.


At Friday, April 10, 2009, Blogger qrswave said...

wow - al jazeera is really doing a good job - excellent reporting.

they should try to delve into WHY there isn't enough "money" moolah dough - whatever you want to call it to make the system work...

maybe then we can start solving this sick and twisted problem.

but this is a good start - much better than ABCNNBCBS


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