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Pope gets on bended knee to Apartheid Israel

Hey, Popester, when you visit the "Wailing Wall," make sure you wear your Masters skull cap to show the proper subservience.

And when you visit that Israeli scrap yard at Yad Vashem, be sure to have some sliced onions in your pocket, so you can cry like a baby over the Holocaust™.

Hey, RATZy, is Yadda Yadda Yadda the location where you'll announce that the Church is going to give an immense sum of parishioner's money to that never ending racket known as Holocaust™ Reparations?

Whatever you do, DON'T wear the sign of your faith, the CROSS. That would really piss off your thuggish friends.

Count me PROUD to be a recovering Catholic.

Let’s skip Gaza: Pope’s PR blunder Stuart Littlewood
So the Pope won’t be visiting Gaza on his trip to the Holy Land next month.

The Holy Father's spokesman has told the Israeli press that he’ll refrain from visiting Gaza regardless of attempts to persuade him otherwise. ‘Refrain’ is a telling choice of words: "the Pope will refrain from visiting Gaza...." It smacks of abstinence, as in abstaining from having sex. Setting foot in Gaza would be so sinful that it is forbidden.

Gaza's isolated and besieged Catholic community are none too happy judging by the reaction of their redoubtable priest Fr Manuel Mussallam, who feels the Holy Father’s trip is miss-timed. "We will ask him why he came, what he intends saying to the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims and why he isn't coming to Gaza," he said. "We'll tell him that this is not the right moment to come and visit the holy places, while Jerusalem is occupied."

Bad timing or not, if the Pope arrives in Palestine he must visit Gaza or it’ll look as if he doesn’t give a damn about the human condition in the very land where Christianity was born. He might as well hammer one more nail into Christendom’s coffin.

The Pope too has been to Auschwitz to pray for the people murdered there. "I had to come here as a duty to truth and to those that suffered," he said and talked of the Nazis' mania for destruction and domination, well aware that the same thing was being perpetuated in the Holy Land.

So why isn’t he just as keen to come and pray for those in Gaza - Muslim and Christian - who have been subjugated and cruelly slaughtered or maimed or made homeless? Has his 'duty to truth' evaporated? According to the Pope’s itinerary he'll be turning up at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and the Western (Wailing) Wall, and hob-nobbing with Israel’s two chief rabbis. But not with his heroic priest in Gaza.

My last visit to Gaza was in 2007. I wrote then:

Fuel is running out, so are basics like washing powder. Shattered infrastructure and food shortages mean serious public health problems. Power cuts disrupt hospitals and vital drugs cannot be kept refrigerated. Thousands look death in the face as medicare collapses. A friend emailed: “Today in Gaza we have no cement to build graves for those who die.”
The subjugation and dispossession of Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land continues. It remains a mystery to me why our largely Christian (but increasingly Muslimised) democracy in Britain slavishly supports the Middle East ethnocracy that’s doing this…

Today things are much, much worse and Gazans need to be shown that the Christian Church cares about them even if nobody else does. So where are these magnificently robed and mitred Men of God when needed?

I hear the temperature in Gaza today is 36ºC, an unimaginable torment amid the dust and rubble, the stench of untreated sewage, the lack of running water and the continual power cuts. A little too rugged for the Holy Father perhaps, and for the Archbishop and the Chief Rabbi.



At Wednesday, April 15, 2009, Blogger Made Brani said...

Nails and Coffins ...

I do not think that this will be a nail the the coffin of Christendom, but it might be a nail in the coffin of the Catholic Church, although I hope not.

According to some prophesies the present pope is the second last, and his actions may be an honest contribution to the fulfilment of that prophesy.

The Vatican is pretty well informed so I cannot believe that the plans have been made because it does not know better. My guess is that it has realized that its financial exposure on Madoff and his fraudster friends necessitates a goodwill mission to the Unholy Land.

At Wednesday, April 15, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mayhap we should let him speak before the satire is written. i bet the recent tremors spooked him out.

i hope they bring the pope-mobile!

At Thursday, April 16, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

Mayhap we should let him speak before the satire is written.Why wait? Ratzy already shown he's in service to Israel by agreeing to mull over the request of Israel's Chief Rabbi or Head Rabbi to not wear the cross when he's in Khazaria.

If he won't wear the main symbol of the Catholic faith in order to please the cult of Judaism, then he has NO faith in his faith.

Maybe ratzy will go to some of those illegal West Bank squatters settlements and walk about, engaging those lovable Hasidic nut cases?

At Thursday, April 16, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you say Vatican II shills?

if he does concede to the most bastardly 'jews', then it seems we've already made it to the last pope.

it is a big mistake, and an insult to everyone if he visits without seeing first hand what has been done to the Palestinians.


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