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Population Reduction Part I - Get In Line, Here's Your Shot

Laboratory testing showed the new virus was treatable by the anti-flu drugs Tamiflu and Relenza. The government is shipping to states enough medication to treat 11 million people as a precaution. All states should get their share by Sunday.

The government is buying 13 million treatment courses of antiviral drugs to replenish the U.S. strategic stockpile and help fight the swine flu outbreak. The U.S. on Thursday also began sending 400,000 treatment courses of anti-viral drugs to Mexico to help fight swine flu there.

Vaccine could be ready by fall

Scientists are racing to prepare the key ingredient to make a vaccine against the never-before-seen flu strain, but it will take several months before the first pilot lots begin required human testing to make sure the vaccine is safe and effective. If all goes well, broader production could start in the fall.

"We think 600 million doses is achievable in a six-month time frame" from that fall start, Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Craig Vanderwagen told lawmakers.



At Thursday, April 30, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew it was a big scam.

Paid for by your tax dollars, to the fascist corporations that usurp your government and human rights.

btw, how much did congress steal today?

..not to mention that whatever they're concocting is not going to be safe to throw away, let alone take as medication.

At Thursday, April 30, 2009, Blogger golden*nugget said...

Just a TEST RUN for the North American Union???



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