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Australian charged over anti-Semitic YouTube video

PERTH, Australia -Police have charged a man who allegedly posted a video on YouTube with inciting racism under Australian state law, officials said Thursday. A newspaper report said the video targeted Jews.

The 38-year-old man from the west coast city of Perth could become the first person convicted under Western Australia state's racial vilification laws enacted four years ago.

The laws were introduced in response to a series of violent attacks by white supremacists around Perth. The only person previously charged under the law was a 16-year-old Aboriginal girl, but a magistrate said the case involved petty name-calling and dismissed it.

State police spokeswoman Susan Usher said the suspect would appear in court next Tuesday charged with "conduct likely to incite animosity or racist harassment." He cannot be identified under Australian law until his first court appearance.

If convicted, he faces a possible maximum penalty of 14 years in prison plus a fine of 24,000 Australian dollars ($18,000).

Detectives acting on a tip arrested the man at his home Wednesday. He was released on bail, Usher said.

The video shot at locations around Perth "contained content that was targeting a specific religion including threats to harm specific persons," Usher said.

Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan said police had contacted YouTube about having the video removed.

"We have been working with them to pull the video down and they have been fairly cooperative in the past," O'Callaghan told reporters.

Police have not specified the religion. But the Perth-based newspaper The West Australian said Jews were targeted.

The newspaper said the 10-minute video showed the man saying to the camera "your days are numbered" and "I will put you in the camps with the rest of them."

He is also shown taunting a Jewish man outside a shopping center and calling him a "racist, homicidal maniac," the newspaper said.

Also Wednesday, an Australian who has denied the Holocaust occurred was sentenced to three months in prison in a different state for defying an order to stop publishing anti-Semitic material on his Web site.

The man, Fredrick Toben, remains free pending an appeal in the Federal Court in South Australia.

Toben last year avoided prosecution in Germany on a Holocaust denying charge when a British court ruled against extraditing him. In 1999, Toben was convicted in Germany on a similar charge and served seven months in prison.


At Thursday, May 14, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a load of crap, 3 months for telling the truth? God forbid he tell the official lies! and who's the idiot with the stupid youtube video, most likely it's a jew!

At Friday, May 15, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa, it's your stalker, CoZ!

TiUIf Brendan said anything too stupid on video, and posted it on Youtube, it's really his own fault. The 'put you into the camps' seems to be the only thing that would have crossed the line; but then again, he meant the Gaza boy scout camp.

At Friday, May 15, 2009, Blogger qrswave said...

you're kidding???

Is that the same Brendan who attacked and defamed CoZ at WUFYS???

I don't think he did anything too over the top. those two twits were whiners. besides, he was just stating his opinion, which he's entitled to.

and he obviously has no power to put anyone in camps ergo any such talk should be taken for what I believe it was meant as a rhetorical exercise to prove a point.

At Friday, May 15, 2009, Blogger golden*nugget said...

This is B. Mcconnel(he has other nicks, but I won't mention them) who is a great internet poster around the forums and net. His "other" information has apparently irrated the Aussie Government, thus this obvious witchhunt and persecution of him for exposing the Jewish Criminals of Australia and the world. My G*d the maximum penalty is 14 YEARS for telling the truth! If your reading this B.M and since you don't have a Bill of Rights in Aussie land, my suggestion is you get a lawyer specializing in"human rights," every other group uses them, you may need a specialized lawyer for this one.

At Friday, May 15, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last time i heard of o'conner and his camcorder, he was harassing CoZ at his home address with accusations, on the same day that those jewish neo-nazis in israel made headlines.


At Friday, May 15, 2009, Blogger Poseidon said...

Google: "Maylands man Brendon O'Connell, 38, is seen on film in front of Perth's Bell Tower".

O'Connell used to troll wakeupfromyourslumber.com with remarks along the lines of advocating that Muslims should be "killed". He is a prolific poster on forums under handles such as QuoTodt, formerly QuoVadius, QuoVadis and truebeliever. I've never seen him use B. Mcconnel. Now he is "aka St. Paul"!

http://www.arguewitheveryone.com/lobby/52181-brendon-oconnell-aka-st-paul.htmlHis video of the Israeli oranges protest and confrontation with two Jews had some entertainment value. But by providing the Zionists with the anti-Semitism that Herzl admitted they so desperately need, he becomes their best friend.

Even though he declared that I deserved a "bullet", he shouldn't be fined or jailed for the occasions when he does tell the truth. And if Judaics were making videos about Gentiles - or even assaulting them! - they would likely be given free rein.

Indeed, one poster even says "I am sure there is no jury in the land which would have convicted him (one of the two Jews in the video) for belting the snot out of O'Connell".

http://www.rudistettner.com/2009/05/brendon-oconnell-hate-crimes-followup.htmlThe Jews' version of events (as outlined in the above link) is that O'Connell deserves jail because he has been harassing and threatening Jews for years.

Given that CoZ does not live in Maylands, this is yet another nail in the coffin for the bizarre assertion (from 2007) that BOC and CoZ are "the same person" and 'both' "Zionist agent(s)".

As for the Toben case, under the vagaries of Zionist 'logic' it's okay for Jews to publish anti-Semitic lies about nineteen suicidal alive-dead Arabs with box cutters, but someone who tells the truth about WWII gets three months. If those who lied about "gas chambers" (and soap, lampshades, light switches, sausages, death by steam chambers, electric plates, pedal operated brain bashers, eagles, bears, tree-felling, etc) were actually sentenced to death by gas chamber after repaying their ill-gotten gains, it would at least be poetic justice.

At Friday, May 15, 2009, Blogger golden*nugget said...

Hey DA, Poseidon, you just gave your fellow Aussie yids more ammo for prosecution.|LESSON HERE: If your gonna make threats toward actual people, its best to "follow thru" with them, OR JUST PIPE DOWN!| of course, none of this will mean shit as everything is coming crashing down anyway. ---> And BM has a defence in that You Tube is a U.S. entity, therefore his video is in U.S. jurisdiction, Australia has no legal justification or jurisdiction as to what someone from outside the U.S. post's on a American website. They would have to prove who,where, and how it actually caused someone harm. And if you take it further out, he could use International Law and claim freedom of speech from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states freedom of speech cannot be legally withheld for political purposes, And I do believe Australia is a signatory to that document.

At Friday, May 15, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have now watched the video,
and it is not bad at all, in my opinion,
if this is indeed the video in question, Brendan has done nothing wrong at all, and that's why the police want it taken down, because it proves his innocence.

At Friday, May 15, 2009, Blogger Titus Sviatoslav said...

I see nothing illegal in that video. They were probably outraged over the clip that showed Yeshua decrying the Pharisees.

What a shame it is that the old WUFYS is down at this critical point in history. This summer is going to be a critical juncture.

At Saturday, May 16, 2009, Blogger Infensus Mentis said...

"The last time i heard of o'conner and his camcorder, he was harassing CoZ at his home address with accusations, on the same day that those jewish neo-nazis in israel made headlines."

Correct, the same O'Connell that claimed on the WUFYS forum that I was a "Jew", a "homosexual", a "meth addict", a "drug dealer", a "police informant" and a "Zionist agent", and who came to my house with a camcorder after getting angry about a post I made on the forum, bashed on the door repeatedly, threw a bicycle around, screamed at the top of his lungs and tried to goad me into a physical confrontation. He posted an edited version of the footage he obtained on the Internet.

I have mixed feelings about O'Connell's latest activities. He posts some good videos and does some good work when he's not harassing fellow anti-Zionists and bullshitting his arse off, but he's a loose cannon, violent, and a liability to the pro-Palestine, anti-Zionist cause. Friends of Palestine WA has been in major damage control mode ever since this story broke in the news and television media here in Perth. Lead organiser Alex Whisson who I know personally has had to go on air and publicly condemn O'Connell's "anti-Semitism", which is unfortunate. Luckily, O'Connell is not a member of FOP. One of Whisson's statements is at the website, another is here.

Having said all that, I fully support O'Connell's right to free speech and totally oppose these bullshit charges under the state's new Zionist-friendly 'racial vilification' laws. I disagree with Ognir that he'll get jail time for this. These cases are extremely hard to prosecute, and at the end of the day, O'Connell did nothing wrong in those videos. He'll get a hefty fine and walk.

At Saturday, May 16, 2009, Blogger Infensus Mentis said...


"if this is indeed the video in question, Brendan has done nothing wrong at all, and that's why the police want it taken down, because it proves his innocence."

That's not the video in question. The videos that raised the ire of John Hyde MLA and the Perth Jewish community are here:

http://www.wntube.net/play.php?vid=3575http://www.wntube.net/play.php?vid=3576It was Hyde who ratted out O'Connell to leaders of the Perth kehillah.

At Saturday, May 16, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, what a hilarious piece of street theatre! honestly, if the system wastes any money on this, it is doomed to destroy itself.

Brendan would have done much better to shut his cake hole and camera, then jam that Jaffa so far up the zook's phelch, that the rat pops out his mouth! (rather than tell them his name)

The phelch-rats were sent by the local zooks to 'document the event', taking pics of Palestinian solidarity workers. i wonder what they do with them?

Here's the files for the archive.


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