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Can Obama Escape Dominating AIPAC Influence?

With all the money, political and corporate connections they have at their disposal in the US, Israeli lobbies must certainly have a tremendously powerful influence over the ambitious and greedy men and women who enter politics, argues Debbie Menon.

No one in Mainstream US media, is addressing the real problem which is, the fact that nothing contrary to Zionist, Israeli and American Jewish lobbies, AIPAC and other Pacs interests, which are all-dominating in the American political scene, will go very far. Anyone who supports such a move will have no tomorrow in American politics or business. They will be Finkelsteined to death by the Zionist assassins.

Recently, a group of very high-minded and virtuous but, retired diplomats and academics who do not owe their future success to AIPAC or any Israeli lobbies, asked the question: "Can Obama Untangle the Iranian Challenge?" But the question they should be asking is: "Can Obama escape the dominating influence of AIPAC and the American Jewish/Zionist Israeli lobby?"

The answer is "probably not and live."

It isn't enough, I think, just to point out that in the US, Jews have acquired the lion's share of many key political appointments in the US Administration. It is a known fact and I iterate it was 56% in the Clinton years, and almost the same in the Bush years and we are beginning to see the same shape in the formation of Obama administration. Even that Congress has been largely compromised by AIPAC and the brigade of Jewish PACs in the US — is all true, and apparent of course.

In my recent essay I mentioned my fading faith, hope, trust and expectations in Barack O'Bama. That was before I read Christopher Bollyn's article illustrating the Israeli Zionists in the Obama Administration and the US Government, The Israeli Who Runs the Obama White House - bollyn and the way they "fixed" the entire US Presidential elections, and created a dramatic charade, including the comedy team of McCain and Palin. With Obama refurnishing the White House with Clinton leftovers and resurrections, it is beginning to look like business as usual and nothing has changed since the regime of Lyndon Johnson, the Clintons, the Bushes, et al.

The New Emperor's new robes are being cut and tailored of the same material and by the same City Island tailors as his predecessors!

So much for dreams, ideals, hope and promises of change.

The question is why a large majority of the American people go along with this entire exercise? And when did it all start?

You can be for Obama or against him, or tell yourself your not really a fan, but.... Obama is just a continuance of the Bush-Cheney nightmare, with a kinder and gentler face put on American and Zionist Imperialism.

From appointing to his administration some of the same clowns that brought on this Wall Street mess like Timmy Geithner to increasing the number of Hellfire missiles being slammed into Pakistani and Afghan civilians, Obama isn't going to steer the ship of state into calm waters and clear up Wall Street.

BTW, those drone attack on Pakistani's? 98% of the dead are civilians.

He'll continue on with the Wars for Empire and Israel and the same people that were booing and hissing Bush will be laying laurels at Obama's feet. And huddling in fear whenever Zionists like HRM Hillary make solemn pronouncements about the Taliban taking over Pakistan, but what HRM Hillary fails to mention is that the Taliban numbers around 14,000 and there are over 600,000 troops in the Pak Army.

Over 50% of Obama's appointees are Zionists and or Jews and there's one thing that really, really worries these Tribe members, Pakistan's nuclear weapons. Until those are put in Zionist control, we'll see more murders of Afghan and Pakistani civilians and more death and destruction visited upon SW Asia.

Call 'em "birth pangs" for a new Asia.

It's Iraq all over again, even to the point of building a new Pakistan embassy that will cost close to one BILLION dollars.
Take the 2009 Supplemental Appropriations for Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Pandemic Flu (pdf) Pakistan gets $2.3 billion (more than Iraq, Afghanistan or Flu). But towards what end, you ask? Well, it has $897 million for a new secure embassy and consulates in Pakistan plus $46 million for diplomatic operations including additional civilian staff and diplomatic security ; but only $400 million for “the Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund to build the counterinsurgency capabilities of the Pakistani security forces”.

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