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White Supremacists Control Congress

But, of course, these supremacists are not your typical KKK - NO.

They're not just white - they're Zionist.

Only that can explain why the United States military can continue to bomb to smithereens hundreds of defenseless muslim women and children in Afghanistan without one shred of accountability or a peep from Congress.

KABUL May 6, 2009 (AP)

The international Red Cross said Wednesday that its officials saw women and children among dozens of dead bodies in two villages in western Afghanistan targeted in U.S. bombing runs.

* * *

Villagers told Afghan officials that they put children, women, and elderly men in several housing compounds in the village of Gerani — about three miles to the east [of fighting between the US and Taliban] — to keep them safe. But villagers said fighter aircraft later targeted those compounds, killing a majority of those inside, according to Roshan and other officials.

* * *

"We were at home when the bombing started," she told AP Television News. "Seven members of my family were killed."

Khan said villagers told him more than 150 civilians had died, but he said he had no way to know whether that claim was true.

* * *

An Afghan government commission previously found that an August 2008 operation by U.S. forces killed 90 civilians in Azizabad, a finding backed by the U.N. The U.S. originally said no civilians died; a high-level investigation later concluded 33 civilians were killed.

If the United States military had ever killed even ONE Jew or israeli, Congress would have publicly lynched those responsible.

Heck, Congress is perpetually up in arms defending against the mere criticism of israel or Jews.

But, because these slaughtered women and children are Muslim, it's business as usual.

Only one thing can account for this glaring hypocrisy -- Congress is controlled by Zionists.


At Wednesday, May 06, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

Congress and the Pentagon.

Sounds like their exporting their Gaza Death Machine to the rest of the world.

At Wednesday, May 06, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The program is of genocide, brought to you by the synagogue of satan, as we can blatantly see them rounding up civilians to be destroyed.. just like in Gaza.

At Wednesday, May 06, 2009, Blogger Nepos Libertas said...

It's not the Moslems. It's the brown skin.

U.S. continues to perpetrate a racist policy of imperialism to subjugate brown-skinned people to terror, be it in Panama, Chile, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

U.S. also does the same to the Asians, notably Vietnamese, Laos and Cambodia (and East Timor through American support of genocide by arms traffiking).

While the majority of the American citizens remain ignorant of the crime against humanity perpetrated in the name of Almighty Dollar and military-economic supremacism, the soul of the U.S. in Washington is black.

U.S. must either reform or face the fate of a collapse like the once-glorious Roman Empire. It is a sick military-government corpocracy in need of a cure by overthrow as prescribed in Declaration of Independence.

At Wednesday, May 06, 2009, Blogger qrswave said...

nepos - you're right. It's not just Muslims. But, it's not just brown-skins either.

Whites in Yugoslavia were slaughtered as U.S. and "coalition forces" either passively stood by or actively participated


As were whites in the mid-west who dared stand up to the zionist controlled mafia that our government has become -- all slaughtered without mercy.


In effect, anyone who is neither Jewish, nor subscribes to or asists in the zionist agenda is expendable.

Even those who asist in furthering the zionist agenda are murdered or discarded once they're no longer useful to zionists.


At Wednesday, May 06, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that the talmudics would slaughter Christians and Muslims alike, n'est-ce pas?

the beasts created by men threaten to destroy life as we know it, and those who make it happen would think they might escape, but know not that they are the walking dead, unto the fire and nothingness awaits.

At Wednesday, May 06, 2009, Blogger curt maynard said...

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At Wednesday, May 06, 2009, Blogger curt maynard said...

Jews aren't white, they're a people apart, but I suspect you know that.

At Thursday, May 07, 2009, Blogger Muqawamah said...

they look white, but there are Jews who are brown and black and red - but most are white...we know we know curt


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