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Chelmsford School for Butlers

Lost your job?

Losing your home?

Don't despair or join the soup lines, enroll in the Chelmsford School for Butlers today and learn how to serve our wealthy elite like they were royalty!

Don't wait, call TODAY! These minimum wage jobs are going fast!

Out of work? Ready to do anything? Why not sign on as a student at the elite Chelmsford school and learn how to "truly" serve your master and mistress?

Become a part of the ultimate solution to our middle class woes, preferred by CEOs and talk radio hosts!



At Monday, May 25, 2009, Blogger kenny's sideshow said...

A good friend of mine works for a small business owned by an 85 year man whose wife died a few years ago.

The business is very slow and in order to have keep his job my friend has basically become a 'butler' for the owner, doing everything from cooking, cleaning and running errands. We spoke about this just yesterday.

This addition to his resume may come in handy.

At Monday, May 25, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

The wave of the future. Your friend is just ahead of the times.

At Monday, May 25, 2009, Blogger Titus Sviatoslav said...

Why stop there?

There must be an explosive demand for the ultimate "Green" job - Groom of the Stool!


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