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Letter to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on his planned 'radical' measure to control CA fiscal deficit by obliterating welfare system

A letter to Governor Schwarzenegger with my "crazy" suggestion and proposals as a "concerned" U.S. citizen who might not give a shit if California splits from the Union to sink in the Pacific in a hypothetical scenario after the "Big One". Sent by mail.

Inspired by L.A. Times item on Governor S.'s plan that may affect the State of California, for better or worse.

FYI, as a radical secesionist and separatist who previously wrote a manifesto on altering New York State including separating from city-state NYC to form its sovereignty returning to original root as "New Amsterdam," I support the splitting of California state in three factions to form Jefferson State in the north and the dividing of "two Californias". (New York Times article; blog 'Three Californias')

The letter may be read for amusement and not to be taken seriously by some. (Tongue in cheek)

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Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger re: Cuts to control State Fiscal Deficit


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