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Looks Like We Missed This News Item

The Huffington Post | Rachel Weiner | December 30, 2008

Ha'aretz reports that a boat carrying aid to Gaza clashed with Israel's navy. The activists on board the boat say they were shot at; an Israeli spokesman denies this account.

An Israel Navy ship clashed on Tuesday with a small boat carrying international activists with aid destined for Gaza, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

There were no reported casualties from the incident involving the small cabin cruiser "Dignity" that sailed from Cyprus late on Monday.

One of the boat's passengers was former congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney.

The 66-foot yacht Dignity, flying the flag of Gibraltar, left Larnaca Monday with almost 4 tons of Cypriot-donated supplies and 16 passengers, including former US Representative Cynthia McKinney, Cypriot lawmaker Eleni Theocharous and activists from Britain, Australia, Ireland and Tunisia, organizers said.

"Our boat was rammed three times, twice in the front and one on the side," McKinney told CNN Tuesday morning. "Our mission was a peaceful mission. Our mission was thwarted by the aggressiveness of the Israeli military."




At Monday, May 04, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're missing this one, more like ;)

Three times they were rammed! That's no accident, nor was being fired at to boot. The zooks knew exactly who was on board, and were trying to murder her by 'accidental' collision and drowning. We can bet that if the boat sunk, that any would be rescue attempts would be thwarted for as long as possible.

Perhaps they would have shot the life raft too.

At Monday, May 04, 2009, Blogger Musique said...

Daryl Bradford Smith, PLEASE interview Cynthia, pronto!

I would love to hear more from her.


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