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Canadians help "Wipe Palestine off the Map"

While Zionist propaganda machines spew out lies 24/7 about what the Iranian president didn't say about that Zionist entity, Palestine IS getting wiped off the map.

Where's the reporting on that travesty or is the MSM totally owned by Zionism or so dumbed down that their idea of investigative reporting is to catch Paris Hilton coming out of a NY night club?

Canada Park is a national park of Israel and a recreational area west of Jerusalem adjacent to Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut. It was founded by the Jewish National Fund in 1973, Canada Park is now a picnic area and tourist destination. The land on which Canada Park now stands formerly contained the Palestinian villages of Imwas, Beit Nuba and Yalo, demolished by Israel after the 1967 Six-Day War of Aggression and Dayr Ayyub, District of al-Ramla, ethnically cleansed 22,251 days ago in a brutal assault by the world's "most moral army."

Over 14,000 Palestinians were forced to move from their ancestral homes to make way for this "park." A "national park" that celebrates Israeli war crimes, which seems to be the Israeli pastime.

"Canada Park" Built on Ruins of Palestinian Villages

Overlooking the fertile Ayalon Valley between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv sits Canada Park, a 7,500 acre recreational area covered with pine forests. It is bisected by a winding path the John Diefenbaker Parkway named after the former Canadian prime minister who inaugurated it. Canada Park is a source of pride for the Montreal and Toronto Jewish philanthropists who in 1972 donated more than $15 million to help build it.

Dr. Zayid's story could be that of any one of the 14,000 inhabitants of Beit Nuba, Yalu and Imwas, the three demolished villages that once stood where Canada Park is now.

"My mother, sisters and an old uncle lived in their home there on the land which they and their forefathers had owned and cultivated for hundreds of years, " testified Dr. Zayid. "Israeli occupation took place and, except for my uncle who was immobile with long-standing arthritis, they were driven out for no good reason to Ramallah."

Israeli soldiers returned a few days later, according to Dr. Zayid. When his invalid uncle still refused to leave, "before his own eyes part of his house [was] blown up and he was told that this would happen to the remaining part on top of him if he stayed. In the same way the entire village was systematically blown up and later bulldozed."

Perhaps rubble from some of the 120+ mosques that have been destroyed by the Jews in Occupied Palestine are lying under the park.

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At Sunday, May 03, 2009, Blogger Barbara L said...

I learned of this horrific contribution to Israel about a year ago. I was mortified. But now I know my country, like so many others, is owned by the Chabad Lubovitch and our "leaders" cannot touch their toes fast enough to please these spawn of the devil.

Since my eye opening, Canada has firmly entrenched itself on the side of the Talmud promoters of the Noahide laws. Shudders in both revulsion and fear.

I have friends who fight for freedom of speech in our Supreme Court for things they have said, intelligent words, that seem to bother the terrorist JDL, and fight for freedom of speech.

I have seen my country side on the side of the terrorists ~ the Israelis, in Gaza, Durban, etc etc etc.

All I can do is say a few things. First, although I partake in the election sham, THESE PEOPLE DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME. THEY DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION TO ACT FOR ON MY BEHALF.

If you notice, the slimebags being interviewed pull every trick in the book to avoid answering the very stubborn reporter who asks valid and comprehensive questions. Nor do they all tell the same story about specific incidents she asks about regarding the development of said park.

These people have a few skills that decent human beings just do not cultivate and therein lies the rub. They have duplicity and avoidance down to a fine art although the world increasingly rejects this.

Canada and Sweden were/are testing grounds for the NWO plans. And one of the things Canucks were trained to be is apathetic unless it involves hockey. But some of us are very involved with the Palestinian struggle. Check out my blog.

But when I read about Canada Park, for the first time, as a Canadian, I felt shame for my country and its actions.

At Sunday, May 03, 2009, Blogger Infensus Mentis said...

Barbara - you've read The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment by Thaddeus Golas? Do you own a copy? I thought I might be one of the last people in the world to actually have one!

Looking at it now I see that it was first published in 1971, with 7 printings of the 1980 edition through August of 1986. I thought my copy was from the late '70s, that's how old it looks. The author was definitely an old hippie psychonaut from way back in the day, if all the talk of LSD and psychedelics are anything to go by. Great little book.

At Sunday, May 03, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

Canada has firmly entrenched itself on the side of the Talmud promoters of the Noahide laws----

Canada isn't the only one being run under the Noahide Laws.

Our gutless, sold out and corrupted Congress passed those into law several years back, but believe it or not, nary a peep was heard on the MSM.

Guess they were too busy wondering if Tom Cruise was gay or did Lindsay really get THAT drunk?

At Sunday, May 03, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bastard zookites are no more canadian than they are semitic.

How the hell does the racist JNF get charity status for it's ethnic cleansing, and yet real charities who help the people who were made destitute by the same racists, get labelled as terrorist? ***e-ZOG, that's how.

The way the zooks levelled the Prophet Husain Mosque reminds me of their "Museum of Tolerance" that is to be built on top of an ancient Jerusalem gravesite containing some of the prophet Muhammad's companions!

Not to mention what they might do to any other mosques, including Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock.

Those who support this desecration, racism and murder, apartheid and ethnic cleansing, war crimes and torture (etc, ad infintum) should be the ones on the receiving end, or better yet, receive a swift death in this world, and the inferno of hell in the next.

here's the entire video download


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