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Zionist's Target everyone from Cynthia McKinney to Daryl Bradford Smith

We might as well all have cross-hairs on our foreheads.

Since Cynthia and the rest of us won't shut up like good little slaves, Zionists won't stop until she's dead politically, socially, economically, and possibly literally.

They may or may not attempt to assassinate her, but true to form, zionists will try their best to paint her as an extreme individual, covorting with violent and radical bedfellows.

As you read the following drivel titled "Cynthia McKinney's Fascist Friends" -- note how this diligent zionist drone ridicules the beliefs of everyone from Cynthia McKinney to Ellen Brown, David Pidcock, Eustace Mullins, Daryl Bradford Smith and a Malaysian attorney who organizes anti-israel conferences for former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir.

This guy leaves no one out. I'm surprised he didn't mention yours truly at WUFYS, WhatReallyHappened, and other anti-zionist champions.

But, of course, not once does he say anything to defend against the positions his targets espouse.

He merely rhetorically points to their beliefs (about zionist bankers and zionist conspiracies) exaggerates them, adds a little "Jew" here and "Jew" there, then sits back and assumes that readers haven't investigated AND verified the truth of these so-called "anti-semitic" beliefs.
Guess again, dork. The world is getting too smart for your zionist bullshit.

Neither Cynthia Mckinney, David Pidcock, nor Daryl Bradford Smith condemn Jews, just for being Jewish. They're on to Zionists though, just like everyone else.

If a twit like you can use the term "Islamist" like it's a dirty word and claim without evidence that there's an Islamist conspiracy to turn the world into a caliphate - so can the rest of us conclude from a mountain of evidence that "Zionists" are supremacist lunatics hell-bent on advancing their global criminal ideology.

The zionist gig is almost up. It's just a matter of time.

So blather away. But, don't expect to get far.

I wrote recently about Cynthia McKinney's association with Matthias Chang, a Malaysian attorney who promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in his books and in international anti-Israel conferences he organizes for former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Mahathir. (Read here.)

McKinney has been featured as a speaker at several of these conferences, and has promoted Chang's most recent book, The Shadow Money-Lenders, on the U.S. Green Party's website, endorsing Chang's contention that an international conspiracy of "Zionist" bankers is deliberately destabilizing the world economy to institute a one-world government under "Zionist" control. (Read here.) According to Chang (read here), his books are inspired by those of Eustace Mullins, author of "Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation" (read here) and The Biological Jew (read here).

Chang is published in the United States by Willis Carto's The Barnes Review and American Free Press, which are essentially neo-Nazi publications largely devoted to Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism. He works closely there with Carto associate Michael Collins Piper (read here), who has been described as "an American far-right emissary to the Islamic world" (read here).

Piper, for his part, is the author of a number of books, including FINAL JUDGMENT:The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, which blames "Zionists" for assassinating John and Robert Kennedy, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., CIA Director William Colby (?), and for the attacks on the Oklahoma City Federal Building and the World Trade Center. (Read here.)

It turns out that Chang isn't McKinney's only fascist friend. In a recent column which McKinney also posted on the U.S. Green Party website (read here), McKinney approvingly quotes David Pidcock and refers to him as her "London friend". In March 2009, both McKinney and Pidcock participated in a London anti-Israel forum which was sponsored by Prime Minister Mahathir's foundation.

Pidcock was the head of an apparently defunct organization called the British Islamic Party; their literature refers to him ominously as "The Leader". He claims to be affiliated with something called the "National Association for Victims of Fraud and Banking Malpractice" (which flies under Google's radar) and also says that he meets on a monthly basis in the U.K. House of Lords as part of something called the Forum for Stable Currencies.

He says (here) that he, and the following list of notables, acted as informal economic advisers to Prime Minister Mahathir when he was in office:

"It might be of interest for you to know that there was some western input into Dr. Mahathir's eastern thinking. The unsung western heroes include James Gibb-Stuart author of the Money Bomb and Hidden Menace; Kenneth C. Palmerton Vice Chairman of CCMJ – the Christian Council for Monetary Justice and an English convert Rupert Mohammed Rafiq an English banker, and other members of the Forum For Stable Currencies..."

Pidcock is the author of Satanic Voices Ancient and Modern (downloadable here), which contends at great length that a 3,000 year-old conspiracy of Freemasons, Illuminati, and "Luciferian Zionists" (?) is responsible for the bulk of the world's evils. It also "defends" Salman Rushdie against the death sentence of the Ayatollah'sfatwa, stating that it would violate Islamic law to execute someone so clearly insane. In other words, the book is of the same general character as those of Chang, Mullins and Piper, albeit in a more disjointed and idiosyncratic form, if such a thing is possible.

Pidcock also authored a bizarre pamphlet called "Islamic Prophecies" which claims that the Israelis intend to conquer and occupy most of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia as part of an ancient plot in which Freemasons and the Young Turks are somehow involved. His "evidence" is available in pdf here.

One of the primary internet outlets for Pidcock's ravings is the website iamthewitness.com. (A cached version of the website is available here.) This website is entirely devoted to fascist and anti-Semitic propaganda, prominently featuring the complete International Jew by Henry Ford, which it bills, here, as recommended by Pidcock. This website is operated by someone called Daryl Bradford Smith, who describes himself (here) as a former chef, restaurateur and professor, as well as a "patriot (with a) minuteman mindset". A Google search of the iamthewitness website for the term "pidcock", here, gets 362 hits. Besides publishing Pidcock's crackpotSatanic Voices, Smith has posted audio of several interviews with Pidcock.

The audio of these interviews is available online here. I strongly recommend listening to at least one of these interviews and glancing at Satanic Voices to bring into focus both just how crazy this stuff is and how anti-Semitism is a sort of unified field theory for these people.

They literally believe that this is the key by which they can explain all of human history. For one thing, he strongly implies (here) that both Lincoln and Napolean were victims of Jewish conspiracies. There's also this "Message from The Leader" on the British Islamic Party website written in response to 9/11 in which Pidcock blames "Zionists"and "British Intelligence" for Pearl Harbor. (Read here. Money quote: "If...the World Trade Centre is 'another Pearl Harbor', then the President and his cabinet knew all about it, just as Roosevelt knew of the impending attack on his own men and ships long before the attack...

The overall plan (with respect to Pearl Harbor) was to offer to the Zionists 'A clear cut policy on Palestine'.) Listen to this interview (mp3 available here) to get a sense of the sheer, all-encompassing madness of a world-view which purports to explain most of human history by the Jews having been cursed in biblical times. In it, he blames Jews for both the rise and fall of the Soviet Union. The interview is described on Smith's website (here) as follows (redundancy intact):

Whoever controls the world's money controls the world

The financial conspiracy of the Jewish Mafia. David Pidcock lays bare the financial conspiracy of the Jewish Mafia. Pidcock explains the "City of London" is Zionist, not British, and many of Hitler's top Nazis were Jews.

Smith's next interview with Pidcock (mp3 here) is described as concerning How the sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, and other attacks were created just like the 9-11 attack. On her Green Party blog, Cynthia McKinney asks whether the U.S. is headed the way of the U.S.S.R. and asks if President Obama is in the process of setting up the equivalent of a post-Soviet oligarchy. She turns for her answer to David Pidcock: from Buyer's Remorse, Economic Collapse, Oligarchs & War (cached version here):

When I was in London recently for the Malaysia conference, I met a gentleman who completed the answer for me. Economist Michael Hudson and lawyer and author Ellen Brown had confirmed my worst fears, but Mr. David Pidcock really brought them all home for me. And the short answer to the question I put to him is,"Yes, the U.S. economy is being hollowed out with our own money, not for the benefit of the American people, but for the benefit of a few and yes,President Obama has enabled the very characters who have successfully implemented this result elsewhere."

In the next few essays, I will explain as others are doing as well, what is going on in plain speak. The obligation of voters to educate themselves will be far more difficult if there is far less truth in plain speak out there for them to read. I will try my best to combine my research and experiences with the findings of trusted experts and
share them with you in plain speak....

Finally, David Pidcock, my London friend, reminds us in "Money: A Christian View," that a socially healthy economy achieves the highest possible standard of living for all and achieves the "elimination of insecurity and fear and consequent selfish materialist values, so that the individual human being may be enabled to live with dignity and self-respect."

It appears that Cynthia McKinney has some very peculiar ideas about which experts are trustworthy. She is able to overlook their extreme, even outlandish, bigotry so long as they confirm her own prejudices.

McKinney should reveal what else Pidcock had to say to her concerning the identity of the oligarchy which he, and apparently McKinney, believe to be behind the global economic crisis.

U.K. readers may be interested to know that, in addition to his purported monthly meetings in the House of Lords, Pidcock has also claimed to be associated with Brian Gould, former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. In 2002, Pidcock chaired a Dubai forum devoted to promoting Sharia-compliant finance (read here) and says that he found common-ground with Gould. Grain of salt alert: this is Pidcock's view of the relationship, not Gould's.

Yep, the gig is almost up.


At Friday, May 08, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy's actually doing us a favour, because once exposed to the truth, people can make up their own minds, but without at least the choice, how are they supposed to know?

the gig is up, the only question is what we're all going to do about it.

At Friday, May 08, 2009, Blogger golden*nugget said...

Wait a minute, Am I reading your tripe right? your saying JEWS, (Zonist) are not behind the fall of Russia, and the subsequent genocide of millions of non jews? And are you also saying that the WORLD ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, AND THE PRECEEDING 911 ATROCITIE was not orchestrated by ZIONIST JEWS? if so, then you are truly FULL OF SHIT! Or are you being sarcastic? please tell us all WHAT IS THE TRUTH?

At Friday, May 08, 2009, Blogger ewingsc said...

I'm not sure you're reading it right?

The quoted article is inset in the text post.

At Friday, May 08, 2009, Blogger Infensus Mentis said...

As I wrote on theinfounderground forum, let's try not to give this Adam Holland guy's website too much traffic. Resist the urge to read the original. The more we click on links to his blog, the more prominent his bullshit will become on Google searches for 'Cynthia McKinney'.

golden*nugget: The bulk of the above blog is not the author's writing, but a quote from a Zionist website.

At Saturday, May 09, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

The Zionist gig might almost be up and if so, that's when it will get the most dangerous for the world.

Those blood suckers aren't going to let go easily.

And they've got several hundred nukes, and a robust bio-warfare program waiting to be used, sitting and waiting at their international gangster hideout, Israel.


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