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Israel BDS working and the ADL gets told to stuff it.

The Beginning of the End for Apartheid Israel? Will America finally get rid of that giant parasite sucking on its jugular vein?

Oh Happy Day!

Jerusalem rail operator jumps ship, Tel Aviv group isn't even responding
The light rail projects for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are both facing difficulties. In a body-blow to the future Jerusalem light rail, the French company Veolia, which was supposed to run the train system after its construction, is abandoning the project.

Moving on to Tel Aviv, the city can't even get a response to the compromise it offered MTS, the consortium supposed to build an urban train system, in order to settle issues in dispute. It's waited a month and gotten no answer, causing not a little consternation in government circles.

As for the Jerusalem system, Veolia not only wants out of running the future train; it's trying to sell its 5% stake in Citypass, the light rail consortium.

Veolia has had to contend not only with the delays and difficulties in building the light rail project itself, but with political pressure at home as well. Two months ago a French court heard a lawsuit by a pro-Palestinian group, demanding that the light rail project be halted.
Let's hear it for the BDS Movement: "Boycott, Divest and Sanction" that nation of liars, land thieves, bigots, murderers, false-flag experts, con artists and racists, Israel.

A French court in Nanterre rejected the two companies' claim that it had no jurisdiction in the case against them (presented by French NGO AFPS), reaffirmed that Israel is the occupying power in East Jerusalem, not the sovereign, and confirmed the illegality of Israeli colonies built on occupied Palestinian land, including in East Jerusalem.

ADL of B'nai B'rith "rebuked" by the UCSB Academic Senate
The Academic Senate of the University of California at Santa Barbara has voted to rebuke the Zionist organization ADL of B'nai B'rith in a case involving "Academic Freedom" and phony charges of "antisemitism" against Professor William I. Robinson.

At a packed meeting on June 4th, the Academic Senate approved motions to investigate the mismanagement of student complaints against the professor and to recommend changes in Senate procedures to avoid improprieties and abuses in the future.

The ADL, in cahoots with the Zionist student organization Hillel of B'nai B'rith had conspired to bring trumped-up charges against Professor Robinson in order to silence his criticism of Israel and the regime's ongoing genocidal policies against the Palestinian people.

More than 100 faculty members across the UCSB campus plus 20 department heads signed a petition protesting the university’s handling of accusations against Professor Robinson.

The ADL of B'nai B'rith is an arm of the Israeli MOSSAD which is a spy agency headquartered in Tel Aviv. The ADL maintains extensive dossiers on US citizens who criticize the Zionist Israeli regime.

The ADL of B'nai B'rith has also attacked and defamed La Voz de Aztlan on many occasions . It has published a long series of false allegations against La Voz de Aztlan on its website. These false allegations are then utilized by many Zionist front organizations to attempt to discredit our Internet news and information service.

On November of 2001, Hector Carreon wrote a long article defending La Voz de Aztlan against false accusations made by the ADL of B'nai B'rith in a press release. The article titled, "Sons of the Covenant" Defame La Voz de Aztlan, also describes another case similar to that of Professor William Robinson involving a professor at Wellesley College. The article, which also describes the world Zionist movement called B'nai B'rith International, is published at http://www.aztlan.net/sonsisrael.htm


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