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Israeli Army of Cyber-Soldiers Target Our Right to Know

Those who want to suppress the facts have dishonestly contacted YouTube and claimed that the video "If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing!" was a Terms of Service Violation. The video is clearly NOT a TOS violation. You can see why they don't want you to see it. The user "rbdevon4" was a smartass contacting me with this message: "You have violated YouTube terms of use policy with your anti-Semitic hate videos. You must remove them IMMEDIATELY! Thank you for your cooperation." Soon after that, he and his buddies succeeded in getting my video removed.

This and more available at this link


At Saturday, June 06, 2009, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...

Great vid. BTW, I see rbdevon4's account has been suspended too :)

At Saturday, June 06, 2009, Blogger ewingsc said...

Spent most of January in this video's comments section.

Interesting to watch and interact with the Ziofucks web efforts at spinning genocide.

... and with their stunted cultural-centric geographically localised worldview.

It is possible to argue with them until they finally shut up for awhile. If you want to learn them a thing or two (because there are -big- gaps in their knowledge) then I can't recommend it enough. Tag teaming them with a clued-up chum is especially fun.

More importantly - in high traffic videos like this one - the comments are read and observed by others.


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