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Thursday the Governor Went Missing

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford apparently has some eccentric habits, like taking off for exotic locales (like Cyprus and others) to "recharge".

Recently he took off for Buenos Aires without the knowledge of his staff, some of whom thought he was hiking in the Appalachians. His wife couldn't locate him either, though she stated that she wasn't worried about him.

Looks like this most recent trip has allowed the media to set him up for a fall. He was forced to return early, because no one was sure where he was. Someone informed him that his disappearance was causing a ruckus back home.

UPDATE: Gov. Mark Sanford admitted Wednesday he's been having an affair with a woman he visited on a secret trip to Argentina and said he'll resign as head of the Republican Governors Association.

Sanford, a rumored 2012 presidential candidate, refused to say whether he'll leave office.

I don't know a thing about Sanford, (good or bad) but he has been a vocal non-supporter of Federal stimulus money. However, he's probably been getting away with his affairs on the side until he opened his big fat mouth. They'll get you with that sex stuff every time:

"...I would humbly suggest that the real fringe are those that are supporting the stimulus," Sanford said. "It is not at all in keeping with the principles that made this coutnry great, not at all in keeping with economic reality, not in keeping with a stable dollar, and not in keeping with the sentiments of most of this country."

In the recent times this Republican Governor has made headlines for his stringent opposition to bail out funds and specially for his refusal to accept the $700 million federal stimulus for struggling schools. The Governor had even termed this stimulus “destructive federal policy” and had vetoed it and refused to accept the fund. Ultimately the Supreme Court ruled that the General Assembly had the power to make him accept the fund and ordered Sanford to spend the stimulus fund money. But even after this development Sanford stuck to his words as he wrote, “It’s important to state one last time for the record what a monumentally terrible idea I believe the entire so-called stimulus act is”.


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