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Fascist Zionist Jews assert true color in Jewish Supremacism

It should be made perfectly clear to these arrogant, self-entitled Khazar Jews that if Israel screws with Iran, Israel will be pummeled to well-deserved extinction.

The majority of Khazar Jews are nothing but vicious ethnocratic, genocide-promoting misanthropes. They want the total destruction of the White race and subduing of other races to assert the sense of racial superiority to satiate their vile hatred of all things humane and decent.

The spawns of Satan deserve nothing but utter annihilation by external forces of retaliatory violence after the flagrant violation of foreign sovereignty and perpetration of injustice and unjustified warfare.


At Thursday, July 30, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Here's the original
Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem video. d/l here.

At Saturday, August 01, 2009, Blogger dprosenthal said...

Just a quick reminder---Jesus was also a spawn of satan. I don't know the basis for your hatred of the Jews, but I suggest that you and your ilk boycott all things Jewish to prove your point.Do not watch any TV show or movie in which they may have participated, don't enjoy any scientific or medical discoveries made by Jews (your kids will be fine w/out those vaccines and advanced treatments they have WASP protection) You might also consider never shopping at a store or mall that has any Jewish ties and not buying any product invented, produced, advertised, sold or even ever touched by a Jew. Oh, by the way, make sure there is no Jewish blood hiding in your own family so you can be sure that you are not tainted by the blood of Jesus.

At Sunday, August 02, 2009, Blogger Nepos Libertas said...

dprosenthal, your attitude and opinion is flat-out moronic.

You whine about "anti-semitism."

You ARE part of the problem. Can't understand why Khazar Jews are hated? Too bad. You fail to see the pattern or lie to accuse me of anti-semitism.

There is a major difference between Semite and Jew. Where they came from, Jews are not even Semites. Khazaria tribe is not semitic in shape or form. Anti-semitism is an oxymoron.

You, sir, are an example of a mindset that defends Jews by deflecting the accusation regardless of evidence.


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