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"Operation in Afghanistan is rooted in Israel"

The real reason why the U.S. continues its presence in Afghanistan is Iran the country which is an annoyance for Israel, said Karen Kwiatkowski, a writer and former U.S. Air Force officer

You might remember Karen Kwiatkowski as the brave soul who skewered the phony '9/11 Commission' report.
The report refers to the many cell phone calls that were made from the speeding airplanes, yet most people who have tried to do this find that reception, cell switching software, and other factors often prevent even a connection, much less a conversation. The 9/11 commission should have taken the opportunity to clear up that technological debate. It did not.

Why were the only gas stations mentioned those where terrorists were spotted before 9-11 – and not the Citgo directly in line with the Flight path of AA 77 as it aimed for the Pentagon? The security video from Citgo was confiscated by law enforcement – no hints as to what it recorded were provided in the Commission report. In fact, as the CITGO gas station employee noted, "The FBI was here within minutes and took the film." Sounds like the FBI had its eye on the ball, at least after the attacks!


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