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Rep. Ron Paul grills Federal Reserve vipers & thieves on transparency & accountability

Federal Reserve people know it's all about greed making money off the backs of the average American taxpayers. They hate transparency and accountability like vampires hate sunlight.

That's why President Andrew Jackson called them "the den of vipers and thieves". Since President Obama has proven himself to be a subservient coward granting the Fed more power in planning America's financial and economic infrastructures, there is no change we can believe in.

As President Woodrow Wilson and the corrupt gang of Congresspeople who supported, voted for and signed Federal Reserve Act into law on December 23, 1913 committed treachery against the Constitution that contravene the original vision of the Founding Fathers in achieving the "perfect Union...with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," Obama will always remain a traitor to the Union.

The last man with brass balls to stand up to the Fed was JFK who authored Executive Order 11110. The new man with titanium balls is Representative Ron Paul, and he is the sole enemy of the elitist cabal behind the Fed who would prefer assassination if they have the will and means to do so to continue the monstrous and obscene fraud that is Federal Reserve under the cloak of legitimacy while remaining a quintessentially private corporation controlled by the international banking cartel.

This is why the people behind the Federal Reserve are viciously evil. Because of their absolute evil in treachery and injustice perpetrated against the American public and even the U.S. government by willful fraud, deception and sabotage of U.S. Dollar currency in depreciation and inflation, they deserve to be destroyed in the administration of extreme justice come the revolution.


At Saturday, July 11, 2009, Blogger Melvin Gibshon said...

Ron Paul, Schiff, Napolitano and all these Jew shills are simply deflating the criminal intentions of the Jewish Fed. The real audit should be of the people themselves and that they are a racist organization (Jews) and want to place hate laws into place to protect them right now.

Everyone knows this filthy, disgusting, grotesque Federal Reserve is unAmerican, antiChristian, contrary to all men, illegal and an abomination and instead of educating the every day people what this organization really is, Paul and Schiff are acting as our new captains like this is simply a football game going into triple overtime and then congratulating them for being a formidable opponent. No, it doesnt work like that. I want these people swinging from a rope.

The fact is the same fact as 99% of the problems America has and continually left out by pussies like Paul and that is THE JEW ISSUE!
Unless that issue is discussed it will be business as usual. Jews make up 2% of the population and its no mistake that they keep popping up in the high echelons of financial institutions. If history has taught us anything its taught us to refuse any system involving Jews. I dont know why this could possibly be considered hateful or racial. We know Jews are the biggest racists this world has ever produced and its not racial to point that out. Frankly I would rather have a Muslim or an Asian (of course I prefer white European) than a Jew (Id rather have nothing at all than a Jew). If we arent demanding these people out of our economic systems we are giving them the rope to hang our children. Thats a fact of life- get over it.

At Saturday, July 11, 2009, Blogger Melvin Gibshon said...

Do you honestly believe this shyster Napolitano? This guy is on the payroll of Rupert Murdoch and up to his short, fat, hairy ass in Jews and worked in the Talmudic courtrooms of NY most of his life farting through silk sending away the good guys and letting the Jew criminals free. You think he will report to us where all the ecstasy is coming from or who runs White slavery or Black slavery? Youve got to be out of your mind!!! Before I would trust this little putz I would drop kick him off the back of a Jewish moving van company truck.
I want you to take a good look at Schiff when he's waiting to speak on these TV shows. What qualifies this guy to be there? Did you ask him to represent your new money system? He has the look of a cockroach that knows the lights just went out.

Ron Paul got his nuts cut off on national TV. He had his chance to squeal and millions of us, some of us would risk our lives for that chance and he looked pathetic. You know why? Because he's chickenshit of Jews and the Jewish issue thats why. If you're waiting for this deceiver to save you dont say I didnt warn you. If he's a buddy of this Alex Jones its nothing but Jewish CRAP! I cant think of my true feelings in print.


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