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Attack on S. Korea Traced to Miami Server

The master computer which controlled last week’s massive cyber attack on websites in the US and South Korea is in Britain, Asian computer security investigators claim. Full Story

These attacks were blamed on North Korea, a country that can't even afford to keep the lights on.

The server involved in the attack was "pinpointed to Miami" The server belongs to Digital Latin America, which is based in Coral Springs, Florida.

Amaya Ariztoy, general counsel for DLA, said the company examined the server in question today and found "viruses" on it. Ariztoy is also VP and counsel for Argentina's Claxson Interactive Group

Roberto Vivo-Chaneton is the head of CIG. He and others such as Jeb Bush are mentioned (briefly) in this lengthy blog post on the "Florida-Argentine Conspiracy"(no endorsement implied).


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