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60 Years of Zionist Lies and Treachery

In March 1948, a Joint Chiefs paper titled “Force Requirements for Palestine” predicted that the “Zionist strategy will seek to involve [the U.S.] in a continuously widening and deepening series of operations intended to secure maximum Jewish objectives.” Those objectives included an expansionist agenda for Greater Israel that envisioned the taking of Arab land, ensuring armed clashes in which the U.S. was destined to become embroiled.

The Joint Chiefs listed the Zionist objectives as:

* Initial Jewish sovereignty over a portion of Palestine
* Acceptance by the great powers of the right to unlimited immigration
* The extension of Jewish sovereignty over all of Palestine,
* The expansion of “Eretz (Greater) Israel” into Transjordan and portions of Lebanon and Syria, and
The establishment of Jewish military and economic hegemony over the entire Middle East.

To remove all doubt as to the extremist nature of the Zionist project, the Joint Chiefs assessment added ominously:

“All stages of this program are equally sacred to the fanatical concepts of the Jewish leaders. The program is openly admitted by some leaders, and has been privately admitted to United States officials by responsible leaders of the presently dominant Jewish group–the Jewish Agency.


What has America got in return for 60+ years of Zionist lies, treachery, deceits, theft of our monies, spying on the USA by Israel and MOSSAD involvement in 9/11?


If Israel tricks the USA into bombing another Muslim country, Iran to placate that Zionist entity, there will be more, many, many more of these Israeli 'gifts' coming home to America.


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