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Brainwashing the little ones

New ‘Shalom Sesame’ using Grover to bridge Israel-Disapora gap

HERZLIYA, Israel —Grover has been getting to know Israel.

The furry, blue “Sesame Street” character has visited the Dead Sea, Caesarea, the Western Wall and even Jerusalem’s shouk to sample the produce.

Along with Disney Channel star Annelise van der Pol, Grover has been exploring the Jewish state as part of a Sesame Workshop production called “Shalom Sesame.”

The 12-part series is geared toward North American Jewish children and their families to forge a sense of Jewish identity by providing a taste of Israel, Jewish traditions and culture. It will include celebrity appearances by Jake Gyllenhaal, Debra Messing and possibly Ben Stiller, among others, and is scheduled for a Chanukah 2010 release.

A 1986 production of the same name sold 1 million copies and is considered the top-selling Jewish educational title.
Even GOYS can join in the fun!

Maybe 'Oscar the Grouch' could patrol with some IOF Goon Squads and show the children how to shoot Palestinian kids in the head and their pregnant mothers in the stomach!

'Grover the Yid' could fly with some IAF butchers and drop White Phosphorous on Gazans. The children watching at home could be taught Kabbalistic chants to utter whenever Israel is invading Lebanon. The 'Count' could tally the number of dead Gazans from Israel's latest 'security' incursion!


During a scene shot last week from the final episodes of “Shalom Sesame,” at a farewell party for Grover and van der Pol, a wistful van der Pol looks around at her new friends and says, "I can't believe my Israel adventure is over. It's been the most amazing experience of my life -- the friends, the fun."

"The falafel!" pipes in Grover, prompting a round of laughs


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