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'al Qaeda' puts Blackwater/Xe's #1 Thug on its Hit List

This is so transparent and would be laughable, except....
On being attacked by The Washington Times Jeremy Scahill

Michael Goldfarb's Scurrilous Attack on Rep. Schakowsky and Me. (P.S.: Erik Prince is Not Valerie Plame)

Michael Goldfarb of Bill Kristol’s neconservative magazine, The Weekly Standard, which has engaged in quite a bit of masturbation over how awesome Blackwater is, needs to give Rush Limbaugh back his supply of pharmaceuticals. Goldfarb has posted a story comparing the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame to the unsubstantiated claim from a Blackwater/Xe/US Training Center spokesperson that Erik Prince is now on an al Qaeda “Most Wanted” list in the aftermath of reporting on the company’s role in the CIA’s assassination program:

Eli Lake and Sarah Carter have big scoop a this morning on news that the CIA “has asked the Justice Department to examine what it regards as the criminal disclosure of a secret program to kill foreign terrorist leaders abroad.” As a result of those leaks, the head of the firm formerly known as Blackwater, Erik Prince, has ended up on an al Qaeda hit list. Given that there is just as much disdain for Prince among left-wing Democrats as there is in the al Qaeda organization, one shouldn’t expect too much concern about this development from those who screamed loudest about the disclosure of Valerie Plame’s identity. But the facts of the crime are eerily similar — with one key difference: this time it looks like the leak came from Congress and not the administration.

Prince is the owner of a mercenary force that has killed innocent civilians (mostly Muslims), put US, Iraqi and Afghan lives at risk regularly, is being sued for war crimes, has had its operatives indicted on manslaughter charges, is being investigated for arms smuggling, etc. etc.
Except Erik Prince is certifiable and worse, he thinks he's on a mission from God to 'wipe Muslims off the face of the earth.'

For which his firm of hired thugs and vicious killers, Blackwater/Xe get paid handsomely from the US. A bonus for Prince is that he gets to partially satiate his bloodlust for all Muslims/Arabs.

If Prince thinks he's getting backed into a corner, with those charges of murder, drug and gun running and other criminal activities coming down on him, look for Erik to stage a false-flag at a Blackwater site, maybe even at his North Carolina base.

It would be easy for Prince and his fellow thugs to set off a truck bomb at a Blackwater base, using all that experience they acquired setting off truck and car bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There would be massive damage, maybe even a few casualties and of course, 9/11 type 'evidence' with a copy of the Koran, a passport or two and some documents written in Arabic that called for the death of the infidel Prince in Allah's name that was found to have 'survived' the blast.

Don't laugh, it would be easy for Prince to use part of his private air force to snatch some Iraqi's or Aghan's out of a CIA run black site prison, fly them back to his N. Carolina base where he'd land on his private airfield.
Stick them in the truck to be exploded and Prince would have his own '9/11.'

Maybe even on the anniversary of 9/11. There's no better way to distract gullible Americans than by having a large fireworks show, is there, Mr. CHENEY and Mr. Netanyahu?

For more on the Zionist GOLDFARB who wrote the piece, click here to see how 'Mikey' uses the term anti-Semitic like a carpenter uses nails.


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