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Israeli "pro-Jew blood" ad urges Jew youth to stick with their 'own kind'

Ironic that Khazar Jews actively promote "miscegenation" through media propaganda and other forms of corrupted values in the Western hemisphere while urging fellow Jews to be prideful of their racial and cultural heritage and "stick with their own kind" to continue breeding a singular race for generations.

New ad campaign targets Jews 'abducted' by intermarriage

Haaretz, Wednesday Sept 2nd, 2009

The Prime Minister's Office and the Jewish Agency unveiled an aggressive advertisement campaign for the Masa project which is designed to strengthen Jewish identity among youths in the Diaspora and their bonds to Israel.

One video clip likens Jews who marry outside of the religion to missing persons, with fake notices and pictures which drive home the point.

As part of the campaign, similar "missing person" notices will be plastered on walls around the country.

Masa hopes the campaign will spur the public to commit to the cause of preventing marriage to non-Jews, which Jewish Agency officials believe is tantamount to a "strategic national threat." [...]



At Saturday, September 05, 2009, Blogger Musique said...

I am totally ok with it! The less we will have hybrid/cryptoes bastards among us ... we will have less things to worry about.

I want the racist bastards keep churing out trainwrecks such as Amy SwineHouse or Abe the khuttman!

At Saturday, September 05, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they continue to breed only among themselves they'll devolve their DNA to such a low level that eventually they'll probably just kill each other off.

Definitely "let them eat cake."


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