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Jim Traficant 'owns' Israel-firster Sean "I'm a Slave to Zionist Power" Hannity

Me think Sean doth protest too much. He should be hung at the gallows for being a media man-whore traitor among so many traitors that compromise America's welfare and sovereignty for Zionism and Israel.

Update: Download audio excerpt from Sean Hannity radio show with Jim Trificant fingering the Zionist Jews and Sean screamed "anti-Semite, anti-Semite..." like a dumb parrot.


At Wednesday, September 30, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The very fact that it was Trafficant who got convicted for corruption, rather than any of the israel-first traitors in American government, shows that Jim is absolutely right.

At Wednesday, September 30, 2009, Blogger BlogNews said...

Trafficant was great , but here's how I would have handled the Israeli lobby Sycophant .

He brought up tangible evidence of Israeli lobby influence and control .

Where you there Hannity when politicians SAID "how does Israel feel " WHERE U THERE , no .

Are you saying Foreign policy isn't 100 % in favor of Israel ?

Why is it the whole world thinks we are biased for Israel and you don't Sean "lapdog" Hannity ?

At Thursday, October 01, 2009, Blogger anti-faschist-joe said...

Not surprising that anti-semites always seem to latch onto fiction.
Hey, grim-reaper, what makes you think there were any other crooks or traitors, Israel-first or otherwise, that snould have been imprisoned? Seems to me Traficant was the only crook. Hey, blognews,
who can prove foreign policy IS 100% in Israel's favor? And how do you know it is not in the U.S.'s
interest to be on Israel's side? I
have not seen the U.S. volunteer to return Texas to Mexico, either.

At Thursday, October 01, 2009, Blogger anti-faschist-joe said...

Actually, I wonder what the U.S. would do if Mexican suicide bombers hit Manhattan high-rise buildings. Would Obama like to sit down and talk with them? How about giving Mexico back some of the 'stolen' territory? We must treat them with kid gloves.


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