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Want to live rent-free in a $3,500-a-month house in Palo Alto?

Become a violent sexual predator.
The state of California has to pay for Robinson's re-entry into society, including his $3,500-a-month house. He also receives about $600 per month for groceries, utilities and other necessities although state officials say he has signed a promissory note to repay at least some expenses. [not all, just "some!"]

State officials estimate the cost of confinement and treatment of sexually violent predators in state mental institutions at $185,000 a year per patient.

Would you look at that!

Every day, decent hard-working Americans live paycheck to paycheck and get thrown out of their homes and into the streets, yet this psycho and others like him get to live in a "$3,500-a-month house" at the expense of taxpayers!

What did this guy do to deserve such special treatment???

Robinson was convicted of raping two women in 1976. Authorities say he first raped a 71-year-old victim, then returned to her home 10 days later to attack her again. But he could not break into the house, so he beat and raped another woman that night. He was sentenced to three years to life in prison.

In 1984, he was convicted of raping a 19-year-old girl and sentenced to 21 years in prison.

I bet his victims didn't fair nearly as well as this guy did!

Now, what kind of message does this send to people?

Interested in a decent retirement package? well, you know what to do...


At Thursday, September 17, 2009, Blogger Nepos Libertas said...

In Islamic society, like Iran and Saudi Arabia, this rapist/depraved predator/menace to society would be put to death.

I may differ with American interpretation of "cruel and unusual punishment" in prescribing death penalty, but serial rapists/dangerous predators/psychotic-sociopathic murderers deserve bullet in the head to save air and taxpayers' money.

That is, only the real guilty perpetrators should be put down. As it is, American justice system is corrupted that let the predators fall through the cracks and still have to waste taxpayers' money trying to rehabilitate the psychotic/sociopathic perpetrators that continue to pose the threat to society.

Islamic Republic of Iran did the right thing in administering swift justice, even though it may be an extreme punishment.

At Thursday, September 17, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is the woman who gets blamed for being raped, and she is punished!

Hey, if i rape that bastard with a bayonnet, do i get the house? i promise it's not a hate crime! i'll repay the grocery bill!


$185k/year to keep it inside, and at least $50k/year to grant sick violent perverts a life of luxury?? wtf?!! way too much!


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