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We'll Never Recognize israel's Right to Exist

Al-Quds day

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah reiterated on Friday that Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people and not to the Zionist entity, stressing that recognizing Israel's existence is forbidden and calling on all Arab and Islamic governments and people to adopt the choice of stead fasting in the face of the Israeli enemy.

Sayyed Nasrallah was speaking through a large TV screen during a festival organized by Hezbollah at Beirut's southern suburb to commemorate Al-Quds day.

Sayyed Nasrallah started his speech by exploring the meaning of Al-Quds day and its different aspects. His eminence warned that the Holy city of Al-Quds is threatened today alongside its sacred and divine aspects for Muslims and Christians as well as its people from the Arabs. "Al-Quds day is the day of the whole Palestine. It's the day of the Palestinian and Arab detainees. It's the day of the Palestinian refugees inside Palestine and outside it. It's the day of the resistant and besieged Gaza. It's the day of the Palestinian Resistance and all its movements. It's the day of the Lebanese, Arab and Islamic Resistance. It's the day of every resistant and steadfast person against the Zionist scheme in the region. It's the day of the nation."

Hezbollah Secretary General emphasized that the main point in Al-Quds Day resides in the stance from the Zionist occupation of the Palestinian and Arab land and therefore, the position towards the entity that was created on the basis of this occupation. "Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people and not to the Zionists. Our stance is clear and final regarding this issue," his eminence declared.

Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed commitment to the basics and principles Hezbollah and all Resistance forms have always adopted.

"First, Palestine belongs to Palestinians, to the whole nation but not the Zionist enemy. Second, no one has the right to forsake the return of historic Palestine to its righteous people. No one has the right to abandon any part of Palestinian or to even remove one letter from its name. Third, the Israeli entity is a malignant, illegal entity. Fourth, making deals and normalization with Israel is religiously forbidden."

"As part of this nation and I swear in this Holy month of Ramadan that we will not recognize Israel's right to exist. We will never make peace with it even if the international community demands it," Hezbollah Secretary General then pledged. "We will not recognize Israel, neither succumb to it, and we will not normalize or make peace with this malignant cell that should be terminated, even if the whole world recognizes its existence," his eminence went on to say. "We are not obliged neither to recognize Israel nor to normalize relations."

"It's not true that we have two choices of either fighting or surrendering. There is a third option of remaining steadfast and resisting," Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out, emphasizing that recognizing Israel was forbidden. "We may not wage war to liberate Kfar Shouba hills and Shebaa Farms, but we will not stop demanding the return of the territories to Lebanon," his eminence explained, giving the Syrian case as an example. "Syrian authorities vow that they will never give up one grain of Syrian soil or a drop of its water," his eminence noted.

Sayyed Nasrallah rejected the idea of opening all fronts. "If we wait for all Arabs to open fronts, then we'll have to wait for hundreds for years," his eminence said. "We do not need to open a war front with Israel. The strategy that should be adopted in Lebanon is to preserve the resistance," his eminence said, urging all Lebanese and Arabs to preserve and safeguard the Resistance in Lebanon. "If you do not want to preserve the resistance in Lebanon, suit yourselves, but leave it in peace," his eminence said.

Turning into the Palestinian Resistance, Sayyed Nasrallah called on all Arabs to preserve it. "As I demanded from the Arabs during 2006 war, if you do not intend to help, leave Lebanon in Peace. Today I say, if it is not to lend a hand to Palestine then do not bother," his eminence said. "The Arab regimes are confiscating the resistance's arms while facilitating the smuggling of weapons used in internal strife among the Palestinian factions," his eminence regretted, calling on the Arab and Islamic countries to lift the siege against the Palestinians in Gaza

While admitting that an Israeli war against Lebanon was possible, Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated full readiness to face any possible aggression. "We do not want any confrontations but if Israel declares war on Lebanon, then we should take advantage of this threat and destroy and smash Israel," Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out, pledging that the Israeli occupation army would be destroyed in Lebanon.

Sayyed Nasrallah criticized the facts that Arabs memorize the names of Israeli detainees and figures, but not the Arab and Palestinian detainess. "Why are we numbers and they're names! Isn't this an insult! An insult for the armies, for the nation and for our prisoners!" his eminence stressed.

In another topic, Hezbollah Secretary General warned that harming Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem will lead to an unexpected and unprecedented response regardless of any regional and international considerations. His eminence called on all Arabs to take solid and firm stances towards the issue so that Israel could be alarmed.

Sayyed Nasrallah praised the Iranian support for the Resistance factions in the region. "Iran is a big support for Palestine and the Arab nations and it is being distorted by some Arab governments," his eminence said. "Iran is paying the price of its commitment to its principles," Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out.

Turning into Lebanon, Hezbollah Secretary General said that nothing is worth to take the country to a political, sectarian and security tension. "The opposition did not present a name for the premiership not to undermine anyone but to avoid building up tension with the majority," his eminence said in reference to the parliamentary consultations that took place ahead of the re-nomination of MP Saad Hariri as Prime Minister-Designate.

The Yemeni crisis was also tackled by Sayyed Nasrallah during his speech. "What's happening in Yemen is very painful," his eminence said. Sayyed Nasrallah called on Yemeni President to take the initiative to protect his country. "I don't want to interfere in Yemen's internal affairs but I just call on Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to take the initiative and order a ceasefire," Sayyed Nasrallah said. "Once, the Yemeni President called us and we listened to him. Now, it's our turn and we hope he would take the initiative because we know he's able to." source

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