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Israeli 'puts the meat' to a S. Dakota town and....

..... the ungrateful 'anti-Semites' bitch about his splendid gift of 44 tons of putrified meat.
Israeli stinks up US town with rotting meat odor

Owner of kosher meat plant in South Dakota leaves tons of meat unattended. When freezers fail, meat melts foul stench overtakes town. Owner says tried to handle problem, accuses those blaming him of being anti-Semitic

Israeli Ilan Parente, ex-owner of a meat plant in Bridgewater, South Dakota left 44 tons of kosher bison meat in the plant's freezers and caused a strong odor to spread, which plagued an entire town. Parente, however, claims that the town residents only suffered of the smell for a few days and not months as reported.

He further claims that townsmen tried to prevent him from solving the problem in a timely manner and even says anti-Semitic sentiments were sensed.

"They're not used to Jews," he told Ynet. "This is 'little America', small towns where everyone is basically the same. Granted I've never had swastikas sprayed on my windows but there are Jewish stereotypes here. They try to portray the Jews who have kosher businesses as corrupt."

In January 2008 Parente decided to relocate his plant to Minnesota. "We left everything on with electricity. We left meat which was meant for dogs in the plant. Only that a year later the freezer had a technical malfunction."

Parente said that since temperatures in the area are extremely low during the winter, making it colder outside than in the freezer, he decided to take care of the problem when the weather warmed up.

Another malfunction occurred in May, which caused large amounts of ice to pile up. "I was told that as soon as the ice melted they would fix the problem. Only that when everything had melted the meat started spreading that odor."

Parente said that at that point he had started transporting the unprocessed meat to the dumpster, but since work had not been completed by the start of Shabbat he suspended transport until Monday, being a kosher plant.

Parente also claimed that his employees had mistakenly reported for work in the Minnesota plant instead of in Bridgewater delaying work another day.

"That day I received a call from the town's lawyer saying the smell in unbearable. I said, 'Alright, you're right' and immediately sent my neighbor and my two boys with a tractor to continue disposing of the waste, but when he arrived there the townsmen gave him problems and wouldn't let him work. They just about did everything in order not to let me finish the job. In any case, the smell only lasted two to three days."
Yes, it's always others who are at fault, never the Jews. Not only were the people of Bridgewater 'anti-Semitic,' so was the electric and the weather and those you hired, it's never, NEVER the fault of G-d's chosen, how could it be?

And those dumbass GOY employees, reporting for work 500 miles away, who gave those imbeciles that idea?

Just thinking it might be the fault of some swindler who took the people for a ride means you're 'anti-Semitic.'

I hope the gentleman was at least able to move his meth processing lab!


At Wednesday, October 07, 2009, Blogger andie531 said...

They left dogs in the plant with a bunch of frozen meat? Huh?

At Thursday, October 08, 2009, Blogger qrswave said...

meat for neighborhood dogs???

meanwhile the homeless in america continue to sleep hungry...

greedy, selfish bastard

At Friday, October 09, 2009, Blogger Poseidon said...

Daniel Edelson's report in ynetnews is hardly objective, and gives free rein to Ilan Parente's excuses. Parente claims "the smell only lasted two or three days", and makes an unsubstantiated allegation that the townspeople stopped him from working to clear up the mess.

However, the power was cut off December 2008 as Parente had abandoned the plant without paying the bill, and the smell started to leak out in the spring thaw. The smell was described as a "putrid odor so downright nasty the cleaners sent to mop up the gooey mess of liquefied meat — topped by a blanket of swarming white maggots and buzzed by a legion of flies — gave up after two days", a "stench" that "was enough to overwhelm the entire town", and "worse than rotten bodies".

Parente ordered two of his workers to clean up the mess, but did not even provide them with protective masks, clothing or equipment, and they gave up after two days. The city and county officials had to finish the job and clear the 88,420 pounds of putrified meat. They sent Parente a bill for the clean up costs, but never received a dime.

An alternative claim by Parente is that yes, the meat might have stunk, but he never put anyone in danger. Even though most of the clean up crew had to wear oxygen masks because of the strong ammonia odor.

Parente's company Bridgewater "Quality" Meats had also caused problems with the city's sewer system in 2001-2003, when blood and other material went down the drain.

Some suspect that Parente may have deliberately abandoned the meat as payback for previous run-ins with the authorities. In one interview, Parente claimed that the meat was not kosher, although he lied about how long the smell persisted, about how he never received any demands for payment, and about how townspeople prevented him from cleaning up the mess. Parente claims he decided to delay the clean up at the start of Shabbat because the building was a "kosher plant", contradicting his assertion that the rotten meat was 44 tons of non-kosher dog food.

Jews demand the right to live amongst other people, yet will not conform to generally accepted standards of behavior. If they are so keen on "kosher meat" and business scams, why don't they get off back to Israel where they can live like pigs and wallow in filth to their heart's content, instead of subjecting ordinary, decent people to their rotten sewage and double-dealing? Or better yet, hand Palestine back to the Palestinians, and move out to somewhere a little more remote - like Birobidjan. Or Antarctica. :-)


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