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Welcome to the Hotel "Holocaust™"

At this bar, they will serve up drinks so powerful, they'll make you stupid!

One will be called the "Misha!" The 'Misha' will make good looking 24 yo babes revert to being 82 you toothless, bearded hags who tell tall tales about being sent to some slave-labor camp and getting shot 27 times, but still escaping and living with a wolf pack for three years to survive.... even though they have lived in NYC for their entire lives!!!

Another skull-cracker will be called the "Rosenblat!" The 'Rosenblat' will turn young men into blubbering fools who spin whoppers about being sent to 11 different slave-labor camps and surviving getting gassed six different times, while watching all 747 members of your family die from the delousing gas and having to actually perform physical labor!

The most potent drink will be the 'Ka-Ka!' The Ka-Ka will make some so wacky, they'll go into the bathroom and start digging thru piles of poop, looking for diamonds that they know are there and eating potential candidates. Then repeating this behavior each and every day for the next 15 months!----P.S. Don't get fooled by undigested corn kernels!!!

"Welcome to the "Hotel Holocaust™, where you can check out, but you can never leave!"
Welcome to the Hotel “Holocaust”

Ukrainian authorities are planning to build hotels for fans traveling to Kiev to attend Euro 2012 on the spot of mass executions performed by Nazis during WWII.

Israeli politicians also couldn’t ignore the issue as the deputy of the country’s parliament, Michael Ben Ari, sent a letter to the Ukrainian embassy warning that the “outrageous” decision to build a hotel at Baby Yar will be “regarded by us as a denial of the significance of the Holocaust to the Jewish people during World War II, with all consequences".
Looks like the Ukraine is going to be put on the Zionist hit list, with all the attended consequences! "We'll be right with you Ukraine, as soon as we turn Tehran into a glass parking lot."

Never tire of Zionist fairy tales? You're in luck!!!

A YouTube channel devoted to Anne Frank


At Friday, October 02, 2009, Blogger musique said...

Anne F*#k, mother of judeo bullbiscuit .... if she were alive today she would be having sex with Ari Sharon's commatose body and popping out 6 headed demonic child named zionwhora.

She is actually alive as a dude, known as Binny Lied in.


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