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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Mohamed ElBaradei said yesterday that there’s nothing to worry about at Iran’s nuclear facility at Qom. The news will not please the Zionist warmongers in Israel and their neocon fellow travellers in the US who insist that Iran has a ‘nuclear weapons program’ which, according to the Israelis, they want to use to ‘wipe Israel (and most of Palestine) of the map’.[1]

The Israeli Zionists and their neocon supporters in the US have been using the ‘Iran has a nuclear weapons program’ and the Iran wants to ‘wipe Israel off the map’ nonsense for some years now in the hope that they can drum up enough support from world-wide public opinion to justify attacking Iran in order to bring about a regime change there. But each time they beat their war drums and build it up to a crescendo where there could well have been an attack against Iran, along comes ElBaradei to rain on their parade by saying that there’s still no evidence of any Iranian ‘nuclear weapons program’. And each time that has happened, a pattern has emerged whereby Israel attempt to find some other casus belli to get at Iran via either Hezbollah in south Lebanon or Hamas in the Gaza Strip or both.

On several occasions during these past few years Israel has attacked both the Gaza Strip and south Lebanon on some Israeli-manipulated pretext or another in order to try and drag Iran into these wars thus providing an excuse to attack Iran directly with the help of the US. So far the Israelis have failed miserably.

But now it seems the Israelis might be up for another try at stirring up a war via Hamas or Hezbollah in the light of ElBaradei’s latest pronouncements about his findings at Qom.

Israel now claims that Hamas have secretly tested a new missile, supplied to them by Iran of course, with a range of around sixty miles which means Tel Aviv could be targeted. As a result, an article in ‘Ha’aretz’ today claims that Israel is preparing Israel for another assault against the people of the Gaza. On top of that, Israel has also claimed that a ship it stopped and hijacked on the high seas was delivering arms supplied by Iran destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon providing the possibility of another excuse to attack the people of Lebanon in the hope of escalating such a war to draw in Iran and the US.

Just as 114 states at the UN endorse the Goldstone report on Israeli warcrimes committed in the Gaza, the stage seems to be set for yet another act of murder and mayhem designed to get the US to attack Iran. The Israeli sense of timing is always immaculate.


[1] Israel has never explained how Iran intended to use its nuclear weapon against such a tiny nation as Israel without doing untold harm to the entire region including Irans allies; the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and the people of south Lebanon. Nor has Israel ever explained how Iran hoped to avoid a retaliatory nuclear strike by either Israel or the US.


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I've been following that ship story very closely for the past 36 hours. I'm convinced it's a fraud, another ruse to sway the mouthbreathers and distract from Goldstone. What's real interesting is the Magically Mushrooming Cargo which started out as one container and has expanded to enough supplies for the Death Star. What's real funny is the missiles intended for Hezbollah are painted with "I. R. Iranian." --In English.

Hezbollah slams Ban's report as 'unjust'
Hezbollah denies Israel's arms ship claims


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