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9-11 Dancing Israeli Ornit Suter Was Asked a "Prophetic" Question by the New York TImes

A 1998 article in the New York Times mentioned Dancing Israeli Ornit Suter and Urban Moving Systems. At the time, UMS was located on 50th Street near 10th Avenue in Manhattan.

The article concerns the problem with old buildings in Manhattan falling apart, pelting pedestrians with falling bricks and masonry, in addition to old buildings suddenly collapsing. People joke about having to wear hard hats and looking up when out walking.

Suter is interviewed:

Ornit Suter, 27, whose business, Urban Moving Systems, on 50th Street near 10th Avenue, moves households and sells packing material for moving, was asked if New Yorkers were buying boxes in uncommon quantities so they could get out of New York before the whole city came down.

''Not really,'' she said. ''I don't think I could say that.''

Maybe it would take a few more flying slabs before the panic took hold?

''I don't know,'' she said. ''People moving from New York? No. People are moving to New York.''

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/1998/01/31/nyregion/if-you-never-slept-you-d-fall-apart-too-city-crumbles-new-yorkers-adjust-but.html?pagewanted=all


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