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More From Your Mossad Operated Media - "Palestine Terrorists" Crash White House Party

I usually have better things to do than to listen to the week long reports about how a Washington power couple "crashed" a White House reception / dinner, however, Zionist media spin is in the air.  The couple in question, the Salahis, claim they were invited to the White House event.  Mr. Salahi is the son of a  Palestinian father and a Belgian (Jewish?) mother.

The media says they crashed the White House reception by convincing White House security that they had been invited.  They did this in part by playing the sympathy card, complaining that they were getting wet standing in the rain waiting to get in.

Salahi had a winery (Oasis - now managed by Diane Weiss).  According to Weiss the winery had received about 7 abusive calls in the past few days:

The Secret Service was at the winery looking for the Salahis, when apparently they were available at the America's Polo Cup organization.

Salahi runs the America's Polo Cup, and has many connections with the elite of Virginia and Washington, D.C.  From what little I've read on Tariq Salahi, it appears that he's a spoiled rich boy with a checkered past who is easy to criticize. I don't know if Salahi is telling the truth or not about being invited, and nobody else seems to know either.

Today, it was revealed that he has ties to "terror organizations" in Palestine.  Says PalestineNote.com in How the Salahi Stunt Damaged the Image of Arab-Americans:  

According to the fanatic rightwing media which is having their usual field day distorting facts and telling tall tales, Salahi is tied to a "pro-Hamas organization." I expected details regarding al-Qaeda or the Taliban, but instead the extremist right identified the group as "The American Task Force on Palestine" (ATFP)...The ATFP are advocates not only of non-violence and peace based on compromise, but resolving the Middle East conflict between Palestinians and Israelis by, "Oh My Gosh!" endorsing the "two-state solution."

I have a relative who is not only a decorated WWII vet  but became a Secret Service agent in DC with a gig shadowing Jackie Onassis and her kids.  I'd ask him what he thought about this, but he's about 99 years old with one foot on a banana peel.  As for myself, I worked in a 5 star hotel which had at least one sitting US president visit, and I can tell you from experience that the security around a sitting US president is intense.  As in trained snipers on the roof intense.

I don't often use vulgarity, but I'll let it fly this time. This appears to be another case of Zionist main stream media bullshit.

Oddly (or not), we have the same week reports on Coast to Coast AM, this time not about Aliens, Bigfoot or Reptilians, but the "Muslim Mafia" and their plans to "Islamize" America which can also be found at MuslimMafia.com


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