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6sraeli occupation force allocates 15 billion US dollars to colonize Al-Quds by 2020

[ 06/02/2010 - 03:33 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The Muslim-Christian commission for supporting the Aqsa and holy shrines in Palestine has exposed Saturday an Israeli scheme to completely Judaize the occupied city of Jerusalem by the year 2020, and that it allocated 15 billion US dollars for that purpose.

In a press release it issued and published by the Quds Press Saturday, the comission asserted that the new scheme aims at annexing all major Israeli settlement blocs around Jerusalem and make them part of the city in addition to confiscating more Palestinian land in the eastern part of the city.

Moreover, the commission explained that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) plans to transfer 40,000 Israeli settlers living at the coastal area to the city of Jerusalem over the coming ten years and to reduce the presence of the Palestinian population to less than 12% of the city's population in order to ensure a Jewish majority in it.

In this regard, the commission called on the UNSC to apply chapter VII of the UN charter on the Israeli party to halt all judaization activities in the city and to protect Muslim and Christian holy shrines in it, explaining that the Israeli terrorism against the Palestinian people in the city could no longer be accepted and should no longer be ignored.

In the same context, the Hebrew weekly Yerushalayim newspaper revealed new measures and restrictions imposed by the IOA on Palestinian Jerusalemites banning them to build new homes or add more stories to their existing buildings in the city.

Local Palestinian observers asserted that the new Israeli measures were part of the Israeli plan to Judaize the city and to force Palestinians out of it.


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