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The Soviet Story w/subs

download [.rar parts 1 2 3 4] [.torrent]

Video link, just in case embed isn't working.

runtime: 1h 25m
synopsis: a horrifying film showing the collusion between the
satanic systems of usury capitalism, communism and fascism,
working hand-in-fist to enslave and kill us all.
warning: contains hauliecost propaganda,
to wit: zikelon-b usage on other than lice.

Russia's Last Tsar
6srael to erect red army memorial
Holodomor: Genocide Technology
The Bloody History Of Communism
The Bloody History Of Fascism
Das Massaker von Katyn
Psychotic Pharisees
Defamation Redux
Satan's Workshop
The Putin System .torrent
The Ringworm Children .torrent
The Other 6srael download
China Blue .torrent
We must never forget Gaza
6sraeli officials were part of decision to invade Iraq


At Friday, February 26, 2010, Blogger Titus Sviatoslav said...

Loved Eddie Rothschild. That needs to go viral!


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