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it's planning to expel tens of thousands of Palestinians next war

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Hebrew media sources said Israeli military leaders have made plans to turn out tens of thousands of Palestinians from their homes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in future wars on the territories.

The Israeli planning directorate has thought up options for a quick removal of Palestinians from villages and refugee camps during any war in the future, informed military sources revealed.

It is impossible for the current situation in Gaza and the West Bank to carry on in the same manner, the sources noted, adding that armed clashes and extensive firing of rockets from Gaza are expected against Israeli targets.

The new plan targets eliminating efforts by Palestinian “militants” to use “civilians as shields,” the sources went on to say.

According to reports, the Israeli army’s planning department has adopted new ways to cope with outbreaks of armed confrontations. The military would notify Palestinian towns where armed confrontations are ongoing that residents must evacuate their homes for a short period and remain in a determined area until the armed hostilities are over.

The sources added that any Palestinian who refuses to immediately evacuate will be regarded by the army as a “saboteur” and will bear responsibility for staying in the area. After the evacuation process is finished, the Israeli army will use all arms at its disposal needed in street battles and populated areas.

In a similar context, the Israeli Minister for Internal Security Yitzhak Aharonovich said he is concerned over the possibility of revolts by Palestinians in lands occupied in 1948 at any moment, especially after the recent series of assaults by the Israeli government.

“The situation of the Arab sector in Israel has become potentially more explosive than ever before, although the current relative calmness which prevails is misleading,” Aharonovich said in a meeting he held with representatives from security and judiciary services on Saturday.


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