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Palestinian young woman severely
tortured by israeli soldiers

GAZA, (PIC)-- Palestinian female detainee Sumoud Karrajeh, 22, said She was violently attacked and seriously wounded by Israeli troops from Nahshon prison unit during her transfer from jail to a military court earlier this month.
Karrajeh told a human rights organization that she was transferred by Nahshon soldiers on the eighth of November from Damon prison to Ramle prison in order to take her the second day to Ofer military court for trial, but during this transfer the soldiers, composed of men and women, confiscated her belongings and wanted to strip search her.

She added that when she strongly rejected the strip search, the soldiers and female jailers started to violently beat her all over her body and pulled her up using handcuffs many times which caused her terrible pains and bruises in different parts of her body, adding they kept doing that until she almost fainted.

The young women noted that one of the soldiers, whose name was "Sahar", pulled the head cover from her head, tightened his hold on her neck, severely beat and pushed her to the floor, spat on her and dragged her with his handcuffs.

The detainee added that after this physical assault, she was locked up in a small dirty cell infested with cockroaches and stayed up all night scared and in pain lying on the floor without any blanket, sheet or mattress.

In this context, the higher national committee for the support of prisoners strongly denounced the physical assault on Karrajeh, saying this act proved the extent of violence and cruelty used by Israeli soldiers against Palestinian prisoners.

The committee emphasized that the Israeli occupation authority deals violently with female detainees and does not respect their privacy, adding that this incident was not the first of its kind, where many Palestinian women in Israeli jails were beaten and tortured as happened before with prisoner Abeer Odeh in Ramle jail.

It noted that the Israeli prison units and jailers committed frequents assaults on female prisoners, but a few of these incidents were reported by the media.

Palestinian Child Hospitalized After Being Violently Attacked By israeli Policemen

A 7-year-old Palestinian child from Silwan neighborhood, south of the Al Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem, was hospitalized Wednesday, after a number of Israeli policemen violently attacked, kicked and punched him.

The child, Adam Mansour Al Rishiq, was taken to a Jerusalem hospital and was immediately sent to the Intensive Care Unit due to the seriousness of his condition.

Fakhri Abu Diab, a member of the local committee to defend Silwan land and property, stated that clashes were reported Wednesday between the police and local residents in Silwan, especially near a protest tent located between Jacob's Well and Ein Al Lowza.

The tent was installed several months ago to protest the Israeli demolition and confiscation of Palestinian and Arab homes in occupied East Jerusalem, which protesters say was carried out despite Israeli court orders protecting the homes from demolition.

Abu Diab stated that Border Guard Policemen chased a number of youth before violently attacking the seven-year-old child, and striking him with their batons on different parts of his body.

Adam’s father stated that his child was moved to the hospital unconscious and heavily bleeding, and was directly sent to the Intensive Care Unit suffering from a number of fractures and bruises.

israeli Soldiers Who Used 9-year Old As Human Shield Received No Jail Time

Two soldiers were convicted of following their actions in 2008 during Israel’s war on Gaza. Despite being convicted of using a nine-year old child as a human shield in Gaza in January 2009, but received only a demotion and 3-month suspended sentence as punishment.

The incident in question occurred during Israel’s three week war on the Gaza Strip in December 2008 and January 2009, known in Israel as Operation Cast Lead. The men were convicted of using a nine year old Palestinian boy as a human shield, by forcing him to open a number of bags that the soldiers suspected contained explosives.

The term "human shield" describes the act of a military group or personnel to either place civilians around a combat group to deter enemy fire or to literally shield their bodies using that of the civilian, and is illegal under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The Israeli military has been accused of using this tactic since the 2002 attack on the Jenin refugee camp, and the tactic was subsequently deemed illegal under Israeli law in a 2005 Supreme Court ruling. Despite this ruling, and the Fourth Geneva Convention, reports of the continued use of this tactic abound, with multiple instances reported during the Israeli war on Gaza.

Following the lenient sentences, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, Ahmed Tibi, stated:

“The entire system conveys the message that the life of a Arab, especially the life of a Palestinian child, is worth less. It's no surprise that up to now, hundreds of Palestinian children have been killed by the Israeli army, and it has not led to any punishments or even condemnation.”


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