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Human Nature

You can't fight human nature. If you try, you're a fool.

But, you can contain it.

You can structure things so that human qualities that are harmful (e.g., SELFISH greed) are not allowed to run amok.

Now, this is what you DO NOT do:
You DO NOT give one entity control of the money supply;

allow it to corrupt that supply with an accounting fraud called interest; and

then expect it to control itself!
Selfish people do not control their own greed. It is either contained, OR it will consume all else.

* * *
Selfish People Do ANYTHING They Can Get Away With
* * *

Take for example, our monetary system, which is controlled by extremely selfish people.

The US Treasury does not print interest; banks do not extend interest; both issue only PRINCIPAL.

Nevertheless, interest has the magical power to collect A LOT OF MONEY!!!

And, the only way that MONEY can be paid is by tapping into the principal that's supposed to be used to fuel the economy, and so on and so forth, until all the money that's printed or issued is concentrated into a few hands.

It's that simple.

Once the money is consolidated, the FEW command the MANY and the rest is history.


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