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The Patient's In Critical Condition; We Must Operate!

Another comment from my friend Andy at Alternet:

RE: Thank God! Another person understands!
Posted by: Andy Lee Parker on Nov 12, 2005 9:23 AM

I'm with you on disseminating the information. The trouble is that most people are invested in the system.

For example, every government employee's pension fund is invested in Halliburton stock. This is why I gave up a position with the city school system--I couldn't live with that. But then, I don't have any children to feed.

People need to demand choices in where their investment dollars go--as it stands right now, they have no choice, their dollars are invested FOR them. As I stated before, what we don't invest in eventually withers, and what we invest in expands.

There are a lot of amoral people out there who don't care where their dividends come from as long as they keep coming. But I think there are at least as many who are just ignorant of financial matters, and don't even think to question what they are invested in--such as mutual funds. I've been successfull in getting at least a few wealthy individuals to change their investments towards less murderous enterprises.

Investing is supposed to be about shared risk towards a common positive goal--not guaranteeing profits by force. Keep up the good work on your end, and I will try to keep convincing people to question where their investment dollars are going.

You are absolutely right, Andy, “what we don’t invest in withers and what we invest in expands.”

Now, examine the facts carefully.

People use money to invest; the stock market does not accept bread or building material or rice (remember, In God we trust, all others pay cash);

In order for people who have no access to money (i.e., those who work for a living) to acquire the money to invest it elsewhere, they must work.

Now, they will not work unless they get paid MONEY (they too do not accept bread or building materials or rice; In God we trust, all others pay cash).

Where does the money come from? Who controls the money? And, how is it issued?

HINT: Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce. --President James A. Garfield

Answer Key: (1) The U.S. Treasury; (2) Private Banks; (3) At Interest.

As I (and many others) have already demonstrated, an interest-based monetary system is mathematically impossible to sustain—making it completely without redemption. As long as money is treated by private bankers as a commodity leveraged to enrich themselves, rather than a tool to benefit the public as it is designed to be, all the prudent investing in the world will not avail us.

The patient is in critical condition—suffering from systemic toxicity; to save him we must remove the poison from his system.

WE THE PEOPLE are the patient; INTEREST is the poison; if you strive to invest MONEY--wherever you invest--you feed into the system!

We must invest our TIME and LABOR in removing this poison from our monetary system.

Thanks, Andy! People like you give me hope that we can survive this death machine that's been thrust upon us.

People of good will, spread the truth far and wide, for only the truth can set us free.


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