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revenge of the DODO

Scientists said they likely have found a complete skeleton of the long-extinct Dodo bird.

The last recorded sighting of a [Dodo] was in 1663.
I guess they haven't been to Capitol Hill, lately.
The Dodo's name comes from a Portuguese word for "fool," so named because the bird showed no fear of humans [voters] and couldn't fly, making it easy prey for the colonists [corporatists]. The Dutch called it the Walgvogel, or "nasty bird" because it tasted so bad.
Sounds consistent with the DODOs on Capitol Hill.
The Dodo was made famous by a political satire in the book Alice in Wonderland, in which a Dodo leads a "caucus race" in which the rules are hazy, contestants run in circles, and everybody wins a prize.
Yep, that's them alright! Republicans and Democrats, alike.
The Dodo has become a byword for an extinct animal, giving rise to the expression "dead as a dodo."
Too bad, the DODO is alive and well on Capitol Hill.


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