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'Fake' Billion-Dollar Bills Seized in SoCal

250 billion-dollar bills were found [in a West Hollywood apartment]. The bogus bills had an issue date of 1934 and a picture of President Grover Cleveland on it, according to ICE officials. An elderly couple who lived in the apartment told authorities they received the counterfeit notes from Zigetta before he left the country three years ago.

The largest denomination [Federal Reserve Note] ever printed by the United States was a $100,000 bill bearing the photo of President Wilson. That bill was used only for transactions between government agencies. [surprise, surprise]

"You would think the $1 billion denomination would be a giveaway that these notes are fake, but some people are still taken in," according to James Todak, a deputy special agent in charge for the U.S. Secret Service in Los Angeles.
Let's be honest fellas, there's not really much difference between the 'fake' and the 'real' bills, aside from a few extra zeros. Why not just admit that you're simply protecting the Fed's monopoly of the REAL FAKE bills!

(watch the video on the linked page to see a news report that shows the so-called 'fake' bills)


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