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Iraqi Lackeys Show Their Fangs

Iraq's embassy to Canada lashed out at the Christian Peacemaker Teams Friday, calling them "phony pacifists" and "dupes" after the anti-war group responded to the rescue of three of its kidnapped activists by condemning the U.S.-led military intervention in Iraq.
Had the hostages been killed, no doubt these jackals would have exploited their murders to the fullest in support of continued US occupation of Iraq.

But, instead . . .
In a statement obtained by the National Post, the Iraqi embassy called CPT "willfully ignorant" and "outrageous," and accused the Chicago-based group of being on the side of anti-democratic forces in Iraq.

"The Christian Peacemaker Teams practises the kind of politics that automatically nominate them as dupes for jihadism and fascism," the embassy's statement said.

"The statement shows they even share the rhetoric of the jihadists, even if they do it out of naivete. Despite their claimed affinity for 'non-violence,' this is false.

"Politically, they are on the other side of this war. Christian Peacemaker Teams are objectively on the side of the fascists, Saddam Hussein's loyalists and al-Qaida in Iraq.

"It is abundantly clear that Christian Peacemaker Teams are opposed to and, in effect, at war with Iraqi democrats, Americans, the British, and the rest of the multi-national Coalition."
Amazing. These guys are deranged, psychotics.

By their twisted logic, to qualify as a bona-fide peacemaker you must agree with the murderous and illegal occupation of Iraq and be ready to atomize an entire nation at the drop of a hat.
CPT issued a statement the day of the rescue blaming the "illegal occupation" of Iraq for the kidnapping.

The group said the hostages were "motivated by a passion for justice and peace to live out a non-violent alternative in a nation wracked by armed conflict."

"They knew their only protection was in the power of the love of God and of their Iraqi and international co-workers," CPT's statement said.

"We believe that the illegal occupation of Iraq by Multinational Forces is the root cause of the insecurity that led to this kidnapping and so much pain and suffering in Iraq. The occupation must end."

Well, this explains why Iraqi lackeys are attacking them. But, does it also explain why they were not killed?

And there's more . . .
The Daily Telegraph is also reporting today that the Christian activists refused to fully cooperate with an intelligence unit sent to question them. Based on an interview with a security source, the newspaper claims the activists said cooperating would contradict their Christian principles.
Now, I get it! These activists are armed and dangerous--with the TRUTH!
[Canadian Prime Minister Stephen] Harper refused to give a more detailed explanation of how the three men were freed from captivity.

"No length of time would allow me to release those details," he said.

* * *

The men also said they had not been physically abused: They were given food and kept somewhat warm during the long winter. The main problem they encountered during 118 days of captivity, [one of the hostages] said, was boredom.

* * *

The CPT workers in Iraq are also counteracting rumours Fox was tortured before he was killed. Nash cited two unidentified "independent sources" who said the American had been shot in the head and chest, but had not been tortured.
These men's lives are more at risk now than when they were hostages.


At Saturday, March 25, 2006, Blogger Amelopsis said...

I'm relieved to see other than Canadians concerned with this peculiar course of events - it does indeed look more like a pick up than a rescue.

There is also the business of Harper explaining how many other Canadian personnel are in Iraq and how long they have been there and how long will we keep them there?

Our troops have no mandate to be there. Thus far we've only learned a little of how much our government has been (and continues) to lie by omission to its citizens.


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