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Finally, Someone Asks The Right Question

What did the president want us to know,
when did he want us to know it and what, if any, resemblance did it bear to the truth as he knew it?
The Salt Lake Tribune is on the right track.
The American people deserve an answer to that question. And they should not have to wait for the publication of Donald Rumsfeld's regretful memoirs to get it.

Since before the invasion of Iraq, there has been widespread suspicion that the arguments used by the Bush administration to win the support of Congress, the United Nations and the American people for the war were, at best, mistaken, at worst, falsified or, at least, filtered to justify a preconceived plan to dethrone Saddam.

Wednesday, in court papers filed in the case of ex-White House official Lewis Libby, there was more to suggest that the White House was improperly, if not illegally, leaking facts and theories justifying the war while continuing to sit on key data that might undermine the administration's position.

Libby is charged with lying to a grand jury investigating the outing of a former CIA operative, Valerie Plame, allegedly in revenge for the public assertion by her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, that the president's claim that Iraq had sought a supply of African uranium was false. Part of Libby's defense is that information supporting the uranium claim, information he secretly fed to an insufficiently skeptical New York Times reporter, was not illegally leaked but had been selectively declassified by the president himself.

This puts Libby, former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, on the record as claiming that both the president and vice president were part of a campaign to leak classified information so selectively and so far in the background that they could manufacture consent for their invasion plans from a world kept in the half-light.

If it is legal for a president to treat classified information in such a politically motivated manner, an idea that even made Libby uncomfortable, it shouldn't be.

Friday's White House protestations that such selective leaks can be in the public interest are feeble at best, and make previous statements about how the president deplores leaks of national security information ring disgustingly hollow.

Congress needs to come out of hiding and get to the bottom of these questions.
I'll say. Then need to answer these, and many more.


At Saturday, April 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patience: Necessary Foundation For Successful Revolution
(Mighty Thor, 8 Apr 06)

Well we know Bush II was member of "Skull and Bones" at Yale, he, his dad, and grandad all such hard workers for the 47% Jew Council on Foreign Relations (CFR--see JBS.org), "Trilateralists," Bilderbergers, etc. Bush II just takes instructions and does what he's told. Now Bush II seems to be left hanging, dangling slowly, slowly in proverbial "wind."

Truth thus closes in on conspiracy, conspiracy wiggling and squirming. Maybe Jews will have their drug gangs burning cars in France again, who knows?--maybe we'll have more Mexican intimidation demonstrations here in US again.

Moment of truth will come when people--enough of them--get wise to the Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting scam; that's when "monetary collapse" will actually be good thing for end of the Jew conspiracy; then rule-of-law, sanctity-of-contract might begin to prevail, this to great benefit of gentiles.

CONCLUSION: Meantime in general, here in USA we need greater rationalization of culture and religion, hence more antisemitism. "It's the Jews, stupid." (But don't forget "Sadducean" co-conspirators either.) Honest elections and death to the Fed. A.

At Sunday, April 09, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

Good article, but I definetly think Congress is all in on hiding the truth as well. The current government is all working together to make sure the "war on dissent" and the "war against the poor (formerly known as the war against the middle class)" continues. They are all conspiring together for their own selfish gain. That is why they had to get rid of the one person who did refused to conspire with them and lie to the public Paul Wellstone.


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