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Specter, Kerry Demand Bush, Cheney Come Clean

Finally, someone with a backbone.

"I think it is necessary for the president and vice president to tell the American people exactly what happened," Specter told "Fox News Sunday."

"There's been enough of a showing that the president of the United States owes a specific explanation to the American people … about exactly what he did," Specter said.

* * *

Sen. John Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat who ran against Bush for president in 2004, said it was wrong for Bush to declassify information selectively "in order to buttress phony arguments to go to war " and to attack people politically. [That's putting it mildly]

"This was not a declassification in order to really educate America. This was a declassification in order to mislead America," Kerry said on "Meet the Press" on NBC. "I think it's a disgrace." [That's more like it]

* * *

"It seems to me that first and foremost, the White House needs to come clean on this matter," Wilson said on ABC's "This Week."

* * *

"There has to be a detailed explanation as to precisely what Vice President Cheney did, what the president said to him and an explanation by the president as to what he said," Specter said.

Now, we're getting somewhere!


At Sunday, April 09, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

The Green Party has always made statements like these and even far more strong and intelligent ones. I find it laughable that a few Democrats have finally picked up a little bit on this. Now how long will it take them to stop pandering to the corporate terrorist bankers?

At Sunday, April 09, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kerry-Specter Travesty Is Mere Diversion
(Mighty Thor, 9 Apr 06)

This fm Jews, Kerry and Specter (Specter, Jew-lawyer serving on the Warren Commission/Kennedy assassination cover-up) is merely top oligarchs and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR--see JBS.org) hedging on their boy, Bush II. Don't ever forget Kerry and Bushes (both I and II) were members of same super-secret insiders society-gang-clique, "Skull and Bones" at Yale.

It's nothing but a charade; we patriots must keep eyes seriously on MOST SIGNIFICANT sort of reform, like reversion of US Senate elections back to state legislatures and REMOVAL OF FEDERAL Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting scam. Yes, such abolition of Fed will result in "monetary crisis"--that's what has to happen first before any possible cultural improvement.

The Specter-Kerry demonstrations show only the CFR sees need to "get in on the act" of outrage at TREASON--but they can't be too serious, and their efforts are to subvert and sabotage the people and patriot leaders by means of mass "Jews-media." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor

At Sunday, April 09, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

Interesting fact about Bu$h and Kerry being from the same clique-gang at Yale. I didn't know that but it doesn't suprise me.


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