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US outdoes Israel in response to Guantanamo

Israel once stood unrivaled in the audacity of its statements following its cruel and inhumane treatment of Palestinians. But, the US has truly outdone them with its response to three suicides at Guantanamo.
A MILITARY investigation into the suicides of three inmates at Guantanamo Bay was under way yesterday as American officials sought to counter international condemnation over the deaths, dismissing them as a “PR stunt” aimed at discrediting the US.
It can get neither more appalling nor more absurd than this. It appears that Americans have sold their souls and can no longer redeem them.
The suicides by hanging of the three men, two Saudis and one Yemeni, on Saturday sparked renewed calls from foreign governments and human rights groups for the military facility to be closed or moved.

About 465 foreign nationals are being held there without charge, some for almost four years. Yesterday, however, Colleen Graffy, a senior State Department official, dismissed the suicides as a “good PR move to draw attention” and “a tactic to further the jihadi cause”.

The camp commander described the men as dangerous extremists would go to any lengths to become martyrs. “They are smart, they are creative, they are committed,” Rear Admiral Harry Harris said. “This was not an act of desperation, but an act of asymmetrical warfare waged against us.”

“Asymmetrical warfare” is a military term to describe how a much weaker opponent may adopt unorthodox tactics to defeat a conventionally stronger enemy. [Up to and including suicide by hanging.] Since September 11, 2001, the term has been adopted by neoconservatives to describe what they see as an unfair fight between terrorists and an America hobbled by international conventions.
Hobbled by international conventions??? Bush and his cronies don't even let common decency deter them, let alone international conventions.
The deaths have come as a huge embarrassment for the Bush Administration amid mounting calls for the facility’s closure and ahead of a potentially fateful Supreme Court decision this month. Human rights groups denounced yesterday the officials’ remarks as callous. “These people are despairing because they are being held lawlessly,” Kenneth Roth, of Human Rights Watch, said. “There’s no end in sight. They are not being charged and convicted for any crime.”

The deaths of the three men, who hanged themselves with nooses made of sheets and clothes, are the first suicides at the facility.

Dozens of other attempts, from hanging to overdosing, have been thwarted by military medics.

Suicide attempts at Guantanamo began shortly after the facility opened in January 2002. In late 2003 officials began to reclassify many suicide attempts as “manipulative, self- injurious” behaviour intended to bring pressure on the authorities, but acknowledged that those classifications were not made after any formal evaluation.

All three men had participated in hunger strikes to protest against conditions. Lawyers for inmates had previously predicted that the harsh measures would push prisoners towards radical steps.
Depending on how "harsh" the measures were, the families of these men might attempt to bring civil suits against the US government under the Alien Tort Act.
Officials said that shortly before the suicides, rumours had been circulating around the block that the facility would be closed if three inmates were to take their lives.

  • 23 inmates have tried to kill themselves on 41 occasions, says the military
  • 29 suicide attempts were by hanging [the US was on notice]
  • The camp opened in January 2002 after the US invaded Afghanistan # There are about 465 prisoners from 40 countries
  • Ten have been charged but none has been tried
  • Nearly 300 have been returned to their countries
  • A report that the Koran had been desecrated provoked worldwide riots
  • Several prisoners have been on a hunger strike on and off since last August
Pulverizing a hundred Zarqawis will not make this nightmare go away for the Bush administration. The administration is what it claims to protect us against. Their so-called "war on terror" is more like a reign of terror.


At Monday, June 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My god, Bush's officials say the things that the Nazi's would say.

At Monday, June 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

White Supremacists

Are they real Nazis?
Or Ashkenazis?

4 June 2006

Hundreds of groups promote Nazis, Hitler, white supremacy, and the KKK.

Hundreds of other groups offer to protect us from the White Supremacists.

Could this all be deception from the same group of people?

Update: Smith and Hufschmid talk about this article in this interview:

Smith and Hufschmid, June 5, 2006 5.8 mb

Click your right mouse button and select download

There are several peculiar aspects to the White Supremacists:

1) Their leaders are idiots, or liars

None of the White Supremacists provide the truth about the 9/11 attack, the Federal Reserve System, the attack in the USS Liberty, the world wars, the mysterious breaking of the New Orleans levees, or much else.

More shocking, some White Supremacists imply that the Zionist story of 9-11 is correct. For example, in October 2004 David Duke wrote about 9-11, but instead of exposing it as a lie, he write such nonsense as:

If Osama bin Laden is the man behind the attack...

Since Duke has been active in the "truth movement" for decades, he should have been aware of the evidence of the demolition of the towers by October of 2004.

Is Duke really as stupid or as naive as he appears? If so, why are people looking to him for guidance? How "supreme" are white supremacists when their leader still hasn't figured out that the towers were demolished with explosives? Shouldn't a group of "supremacists" have a better understanding of the world than the ordinary people?

David Duke is not a White "Supremacist". Duke is either White Trash, a liar, a Zionist, or a Zionist puppet.

And the people who look to such a suspicious man for guidance are not "supreme", either. Rather, they are also White Trash, Zionists, or liars.

Regardless of why they behave in such a stupid manner, we should avoid them!

2) They have a cyber-maze of deception

The White Supremacist sites link almost exclusively to one another.

This may appear to be a silly complaint because everybody links only to the sites that they approve of. However, once you realize that these white supremacist sites are deceptive, it should be obvious that their decision to link to one another is to create a maze of deceptive sites.

When a person goes to David Duke's site, for example, and when they click the links for more information, they go from one of these deceptive sites to another. They are trapped in a Nazi maze of lies and deception.

3) They incite anger and racial fights

Shaun Walker, of the National Alliance, starts one article with this:

The beautiful nation of Sweden is becoming overrun with non-Whites.

Today, we as a race are in the middle of the crossroads of our destiny. Today we must either do or die as a race. This problem is not just for those poor, desperate Whites in South Africa or Detroit, but for all White people everywhere. Areas of Europe that were originally settled by Whites and have always been exclusively White, always, are now being flooded with non-Whites. Most of the Middle East, some 2,000 years ago, was still White or nominally White, but that area is now long lost.

Is it possible that Shaun Walker is really so stupid that he believes the Middle East was full of white people 2000 years ago, and that Arabs have driven the white people from their homeland? Does he really believe that the white people in South Africa and Detroit are poor and desperate, and that they are been driven out of their homeland by Africans?

A common theme with these white supremacists is that the white people are victims of dark skinned people. You should notice that this is also popular with Alex Jones and Jeff Rense, both of whom frequently try to frighten us with stories of how the Chinese and Mexicans are taking control of America. Alex Jones also likes to tell us that the King of Spain is buying our highways.

How is it possible that Sweden is becoming overrun with non-whites? How is it possible for the white people in South Africa to be overrun with black Africans? How is it possible for America to be taken over by Mexicans, Chinese, or Africans?

The answer to these questions should be obvious:

• South Africa

The white people in South Africa were using black Africans as a cheap source of labor, and eventually there were a lot more African servants than white masters.

• America

One third of the people in the southern states of America in 1789 were African slaves. That is such a large percentage of slaves that when the Constitution was being written in 1789 there were arguments over whether slaves should be considered people or property for purposes of taxation.

Now that the white Americans are no longer allowed to purchase African slaves, they bring people from Mexico, China, and other nations to serve as a cheap labor source. Eventually the servants will outnumber their white masters.

• Western Europe

The Western Europeans are using Turks, East Europeans, Africans, and other people to serve as a cheap source of labor. Eventually the servants will outnumber their masters.

So whose fault is it if the white nations are taken over by dark races? It is the fault of the white people!

If a group of people are too lazy to grow their own food, clean up their own messes, and work in their own factories, then they will eventually be overrun by their slaves and servants.

How is it possible that the leaders of the white supremacists cannot see this rather obvious fact? Why don't the white supremacists encourage people to learn a skill, contribute to society, and stop expecting slaves and servants to do our work for us?

The most likely answer is that the white supremacists are not trying to help the white race. Rather, they are trying to destroy it.

The white supremacists are encouraging self-destructive attitudes. They are encouraging white people to feel sorry for themselves and become angry at the dark races.

Why would Zionists pretend to be Nazis?

The founder of Zionism explained it a long time ago. Theodor Herzl, who started the Zionist movement in 1897, wrote in his diary:

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews... become worse... this will assist in realization of our plans... I have an excellent idea... I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth... The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our best friends”.

The Ashkenazi-Nazis are creating the impression that the world is full of anti-Semites. This brings pity to the Jews, frightens some of the honest Jews into either fleeing to Israel or working with the Zionists, and it justifies "hate crime" legislation to protect the poor, innocent Jews.

The Zionists also create hundreds of organizations to defend us from the Nazis, thereby allowing Zionists to provide the solution to the problem that they created!

Take a look at some of the organizations that claim to be protecting us:

The Citizens Against Hate:

The Southern Poverty Law Center:

Floyd Cochran, an ex-Nazi, is now protecting us from Nazis:

Matthew Devost of the Terrorism Research Center, Inc:

Follow the rats to their nest

All of the white supremacists -- and the groups that offer protection from white supremacists -- should be considered part of the Zionists criminal network until proven innocent.

If you want to do some research into this issue, take a look at some of the white supremacist sites, and take a close look at who they promote:

• http://www.kevin-strom.com
• http://www.nationalvanguard.org
• http://www.duke.org/
• http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com
• http://www.natvan.com
• http://www.stormfront.org
• http://www.whitenationalist.tk
• http://library.flawlesslogic.com/index.htm
• http://www.nsm88.com
• http://www.aryan-nations.org/

judicial-inc has a page exposing Bill White, who is involved with several of these white supremacist groups:

They also have a page on Ben Klassen, Matthew Hale, and several other people and organizations we should consider as Crypto Jews or their Useful Idiots:

Who is really exposing the Holocaust?

As we explain in many other documents, the 9-11 movement is dominated by Zionist Deniers who are trying to deflect attention away from Israel and Zionism.

Wouldn't it make sense that the Zionists would try to dominate the Holocaust issue, also?

The white supremacist sites claim to be exposing the Holocaust, but they do a crummy job of it. Some of them are pathetic, such as David Irving, as we explain here:

How about Mark Farrell of honestmediatoday.com? Can we trust him?

He seems to be exposing the Holocaust on his site, but how convincing of a job do you think he does?

In an angry e-mail on 2 June 2006, Mark Farrell criticized Smith:

I look at these "new" revelations at Smith's web site, and they're stuff that people have known about for decades: Theodor Herzl, the book "Germany Must Perish," Benjamin Freedman's old stuff, etc.

The book "Germany Must Perish" is indeed an old book, and so is Benjamin Freedman's speech. But most people have never heard about either of them, and they know almost nothing about Theodor Herzl.

Therefore, why is Mark Farrell dismissing this as "old stuff"? If he is trying to expose Zionism, why wouldn't he be happy to see Smith educate people about these "old" issues?

Is Mark Farrell really trying to expose Zionism? Or is he trying to protect it?

Have you seen "Germany Must Perish":

Do you consider it to be "old stuff" of no importance?

In another of his angry e-mails on that same day, Mark Farrell put David Duke in the CC list. Does David Duke really want to read angry e-mail messages from Mark Farrell to Daryl Smith? Or are Mark Farrell and David Duke working together?

Wise up, goyim!

The Zionists have been able to maintain control of the goyim world with deception. They started, or infiltrated, the Nazi party, the communist party, the Democrats, the Republicans, the antiwar groups, the veterans groups, the feminist groups, the 9/11 groups, and many other organizations. They are trying to take control of the information we are exposed to.

It is possible that some Zionists have infiltrated the Catholic Church (and even the Mormon Church, Aljazeera, and the people who join Daryl Bradford Smith's myspace account). However, there is no evidence that Catholic Church officials are controlling the white supremacists, communism, the banking system, or the FBI. All the evidence points to Zionists as the world's primary criminal group.

Therefore, the people who promote the theory that the Vatican is behind the corruption in the world -- such as Eric Jon Phelps, Phil Jayhan, and Greg Szymanski -- should be considered as part of the Zionist criminal network.

The people who blame the world's problems on President Bush, the Vatican, or the oil company executives are not naive. Don't make excuses for stupid or naive people. Their theories have no supporting evidence. They should be arrested, not defended. Warn your friends and relatives to avoid these criminals.

Don't be deceived by truth

Every successful con artist will provide some truthful information. They don't lie 100% of the time. Actually, most of what they say is truthful. The lies are a small portion of what they say.

Some of them will deceive you by simply omitting some important information. If you have a hard time understanding that concept, imagine a person telling you that your car was just stolen. He could be telling you the truth, but by omitting the fact that his friend stole your car, he is deceiving you.

Furthermore, they often provide very valuable information that you appreciate in order to fool you into being grateful to them. As an example, Alex Jones helped a lot of people realize that the government story of 9-11 was a lie, and they are grateful to Alex, and they become upset at us when we tell them that Alex Jones is not telling the entire truth.

Conclusion: Investigate Everybody

If the goyim ever rise up against the Bush administration and the Zionists, it is very important to remember that we must investigate every person who comes forward to save us from Bush and the Zionists.

We must investigate all of the white supremacists, Democrats, Republicans, and all other groups. Nobody should be immune to investigation. There should be no exceptions!

Don't be intimidated. Are you a child or an adult? We must demand high quality leadership. No more blind obedience to mysterious people. You have nothing to be ashamed of when you demand investigations of people in leadership positions.

Actually, it is our responsibility to guarantee that we give ourselves respectable leadership:

At Tuesday, June 13, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let America have it's moment.
Kill all those who oppose your invasion of their country.
Blow little babies and whole families away and starve them to death with your sanctions. No one is going to stop you when you have thousands of war-heads pointed at every shoreline. Hundreds of years ago the Native Indians elders saw their land taken out from under them by U.S. troops and red necks with rifles and virus ridden blankets. American's are bred to kill and steal no matter who's watching or scolding you.
If the world will not respect you then they will fear you because as of now America has officially joined the ranks of the peoples of Germany and France and others. All those places whose governments lied to take over once free countries to secure their own twisted vision of freedom. Your still a fraud America.The day will come when the Iraqi people will sue you for everything you've got, when your sanctions alone killed half a million children nevermind there were no WMD's or nukes or the "next Hitler." living in Iraq.
They are going to hurt you where it really counts, in your wallets.

If history has taught us one thing it is the rage for death never ceases on selected enemies and if Karma has proven one thing also, the greater the lie the further the fall. America is sitting on a mountain of it's own creation and the moment you look the devil is going to be smiling back at you.


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